Appalachian Ski Mountain

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Appalachian Ski Mountain Snowmaking

The High Country’s first ski area, Appalachian Ski Mountain, has remained popular with local skiers since its opening in 1962. With NC Snow Tubing and North Carolina Snowboarding gaining in popularity each year, more and more people are flocking to Appalachian Ski Resort to discover its great NC Ski Slopes. With all of the traffic at Appalachian Ski Mountain, it’s necessary for the resort to make sure that their snow conditions are always ideal, no matter what Mother Nature has in store. Since its opening, Appalachian Ski Resort’s snowmaking capabilities have consistently improved. Today, Appalachian Ski Mountain has one of the region’s best snowmaking arsenals.

app ski mtn snowmakingEach year, Appalachian Ski Mountain receives an average of 60 inches of natural snow. But even if the weather patterns don’t cooperate, Appalachian Ski Resort’s snowmaking capabilities guarantee that the resort will blanketed with inches of powdery snow as long as the temperature dips below 32 degrees. From November and March of each year, Appalachian Ski Mountain will spend up to 900 hours making snow, depending on the weather, in order to ensure that the conditions are just right for Boone North Carolina Skiing. Their 20- to 40-foot snowmaking towers are capable of blanketing the ground with up to 3 feet of fresh powder in only 2 or 3 nights. The resorts strives only to make snow during non-skiing hours (from 10 PM to 9 AM), but will occasionally produce manmade snow during skiing hours in order to provide its guests with the best possible conditions. They continue to make snow up to the day before their projected closing, a fact which speaks volumes for their commitment to their customers.

Grooming is another important factor when it comes to the Boone North Carolina Skiing conditions at Appalachian Ski Mountain. Guests rave about Appalachian Ski Resort’s freshly groomed snow, often termed “corduroy.” Groomed twice a day so that daytime skiers and night skiers alike can enjoy fresh conditions, Appalachian Ski Mountain’s grooming machines, which are similar to a Zamboni, resurface the snow, leaving it with a rippled appearance, which resembles corduroy. No matter what time of day you visit Appalachian Ski Resort, you can rest assured that the Boone North Carolina Skiing conditions will be prime.

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