Recess (a new Snow and Skate store) Opens in Boone, NC

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Everyone is stoked about the upcoming ski and snowboard season coming up and we’re only a day or two away from debuting our new SkiNC and SkiSoutheast presence – so we thought it fitting to share an announcement for the benefit of yet another snow sports related debut. That of "RECESS", a new snow and skate shop opening this weekend in Boone, North Carolina. Our buddy, Drew Stanley did the leg work for us on this one, so we thought we’d simply post the story/interview as Drew did it. Enjoy!

The Recess Interview
(Interview of JP and Billy by Drew Stanley)

Tell us about the idea behind Recess, and how it began.

JP – Basically Boone, NC needs a core snow and skate store catering to the youth, and I wanted to open up a shop that could give that. Kids need a place where they can buy good product, and get good information from people who actually ride themselves. We want to provide customers with the best knowledge, service, brands, and products available on the market. There’s nothing worse than spending a lot of money on equipment that does not work for you. Recess will provide the knowledge to get customers in the right product, making their snowboarding and skateboarding learning experience what it should be – fun.

Why did you choose the name Recess?

<Owner JP Pardy riding at AppTerrainPark

JP – For some, skateboarding and snowboarding is a lifestyle, for others it is a hobby. From either side it is an scape or getaway from the everyday. When we were younger, recess was our getaway – a break from school, time to go play. The name Recess is a way to relate to what we love to do.

How did you choose the brands you want to carry?

JP – We chose brands based on people (companies) that are involved with progression, making good products that are going to cater from anyone who has never been on a snowboard or skateboard before to the most advanced rider that you could possibly be, and companies giving back to the local scene with event support and things like that.

Billy – For sure – the involvement, companies who give back to what we do. The people who have concern for their customer and stay true to their product; who operate out of love for what they do.

JP – Exactly – they are doing it for the same reasons we are doing it.

How have you been received by the community? Have you seen support from local companies or other shops around the area?

JP – I don’t know on the shop side of things if they are as excited as we are, but on the community side – seems good, I guess it’s good.

Billy – A lot of local businesses are excited and are working with us – there has been some good feedback from the community and both of us have been up here before, we know people and I think as far as the support that we are getting, hopefully we can give as much as we are receiving – if not more, hopefully more.

Both of you guys were very involved with Boardparadise for a while, and contributed crucial roles in the company’s success over the years. Tell me about what happened there?

JP & Billy – Hahahaha

Billy – Let’s just say it was time to leave for numerous reasons.

JP – Coming from Boardparadise was definitely a good learning experience and we are going apply a lot of the good ideas that BoardParadise started out as and add in our own concepts to make for an even better offering to the community.

What will Recess provide that no other shop in town is delivering?

<Faces behind "Recess" – Ashley, JP, and Billy pose in front of new sign

JP – We want to provide an atmosphere in our shop that has no intimidation whatsoever. I remember being young and going to a store and being worried about what someone would say about this brand or that brand and shop employees that would steer you away from a particular brand because you’re not "cool" enough. We are here to help provide knowledge to everyone and put people into the right product for them.

Billy – Definitely – we just want to provide an inviting atmosphere – somewhere that’s fun, somewhere where people aren’t coming in just to buy something. A place where people can come by, stop and say what’s up and relax. We don’t want anybody to feel excluded.

I think the coolest aspect of you both opening up Recess is the fact that you guys eat, breath, and sleep skate and snow. If you aren’t working in the shop, I am sure you both will be out shredding somewhere. What are some ways you hope to get involved and give back in the community, both skate-wise and snow-wise?

JP – I guess one of the things we are trying to do is get a skate scene going again. We chose this location for the shop primarily based on the fact that it was a freestanding building with its own parking lot and there isn’t a whole lot of room, but if I can put a rail in the parking lot and some kid can skate it, that’s a start for sure – I mean he doesn’t have anywhere else to go right now…

Because currently there’s nowhere to skate in the area, no skate park or anything right?

JP – Exactly, there’s nowhere.

Billy – And we want to change that – I think that whole situation was a miscommunication between the town and the people going – there needs to be somewhere for everybody to go.

JP – Somewhere to skate – it might be our parking lot for now – which is definitely not big enough, but hopefully one day bring something for the public back and get involved with the town and work on something. We also want to get some video premieres going this season too for sure, as well as local information about events at the Mountain or what’s going on around town.

Billy – Yea just doing these contests alongside App Terrain Park, I mean a huge portion of people in this town in the winter seem to spend their time and plan around what’s going on at Appalachian Ski Mtn. and we want to be as involved with the events as possible and just make sure that everybody is getting out and having a good time all winter.

JP- Definitely, we are excited about teaming up with ATP on all the signature events for 09-10: Fresh Fridays, Ladies Park Nights, and the Shred for the Cup series. Plus we have some new event concepts in the works as well for the coming season.

Shout Outs?

JP – Shout outs would definitely be brands that have supported what we are doing out of the gate like Forum, Rome, Libtech, Capita, Coal, Union, Neff, Circa, Dakine, Krew, Supra, Dvs, Matix, Lakai, and the friends who supported us coming into a market this late in the season.

Definitely, the store sort of came together pretty quick, when did you begin working on the shop, where is the shop located, and when is the scheduled opening day?

Billy – We have been working on everything for a couple of months now, and we are shooting for October 3rd.

JP – October 3rd – next Saturday – we are located at 1158 HWY 105 – beside Peabody’s, stop by or give us a shout at (828) 355-9013 and say what’s up.

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