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Here are some of the reports we received since Thursday.

Adam Henderson from Thursday night – "Skiing was pretty tough tonight at Wolf Laurel as was probably the case at most areas. I think just about every gun was running tonight. It made it very hard to see, but should make for some nice powder in the morning. The snow was very hard tonight except around the snow guns. (it was a little sticky around the guns) Tomorrow morning should be beautiful with ice and LIGHT dusting of snow that fell late this evening."

Photos are in the gallery.

Les Cline was a Appalachian on Friday – "I went up to Appalachian Ski Mountain to do a little riding today. The conditions are really good. They were able to put down quite a bit of new snow last night. The slopes started to crowd up around noon, but the lift lines were never more than a couple of minutes. The weather was cloudy and cold – isn’t that what we all want. Think snow – It will come.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas."

Photos are in the gallery.

Bob Comer skied at Hawksnest Thursday Night – "Last nite was awesome, they had maybe 10-15 people there (at the most), the wind was strong and it was darned cold (19deg) and they were blowing hard, but very little ice and a good soft top. The kids loved it.
The ski’s were awesome too, can’t wait for next week."

Peter Larkins was at Wolf Laurel on Friday – "Finally returned to Wolf Laurel after a 7 year absence. The slope conditions had some character… thats all I’ll say."

Photos are in the gallery.

Wolf Laurel comments Here’s a call out to all our On-Snow Reporters and those who visit Wolf Laurel. Do us a favor and get us some comments about your visit there, how you enjoyed yourself, slope conditions and more. We have received a few isolated comments that we want to get some additional input on. Thanks.

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