Possible SNOW Storm on the Horizon!


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One thing is certain, winter is officially here. As we have been reporting all week, cold temperatures have settled on much of the southeast, making it just right for snowmaking ops. Ski areas are certainly getting geared up for the season and if they aren’t open already, they will be over the next week or so!

Brad Panovich says that we are in for a “snow storm.” Snowshoe Mountain and the surrounding areas may receive as much as 10-20 inches of the white stuff, while areas around the High Country are looking at 5 inches or more. Brad also says that cold temperatures are here to stay for the next couple of weeks. We are looking at some prime time skiing conditions, folks!!

Here’s a look at the weekend forecast…

West Virginia Ski Areas…SNOW, SNOW, and more SNOW!
Tonight: 30% chance of snow, Lo 13
Saturday: Snow likely with 1-2 inches possible, 70% chance of snow through the overnight, wind chill as low as -3, Hi 25 Lo 11
Sunday: Snow showers likely with 90% chance of precipitation, Hi 19 Lo 9
Monday: Snow showers likely, cloudy and breezy, Hi 18 Lo 8
Tuesday: Chance of snow showers, Hi 18 Lo 6

…these temperatures make for some pretty serious natural snow and definitely hold steady to keep snowmaking ops pretty busy…following the next several days West Virginia ski areas can look forward to an EPIC opening weekend!

Virginia Ski Areas…MILDer Temperatures!
Tonight: Partly Cloudy, Lo 23
Saturday: Slight chance of snow showers after 3 pm, Hi 36 Lo 25
Sunday: Mostly sunny, wind gusting up to 28 mph, Hi 37 Lo 23
Monday: Mostly sunny, Hi 34 Lo 21
Tuesday: Sunny, Hi 36 Lo 21

…Evening temperatures may allow for a little snowmaking, but Mother Nature may hold out on the white stuff for this region…fingers crossed!

North Carolina Ski Areas…SNOW!
Tonight: Mostly Cloudy, Lo 26
Saturday: Snow showers likely with 1-2 inches possible, 60% chance of snow through the overnight, Hi 37 Lo 23
Sunday: 30% chance of snow showers and windy, Hi 27 Lo 16
Monday: Slight chance of snow showers, Hi 24 Lo 12
Tuesday: Partly sunny, Hi 25

….This is shaping up to be a beautiful weekend for Appalachian Ski Mountain and Beech Mountain to get opened up for your skiing and riding pleasure. App, Beech, and Sugar have been making snow around the clock to give you the best conditions possible. ‘Round the clock snowmaking ops have really paid off and it’s looking like this weekend will be pretty sweet! Hats of to the guys on the mountain who make the shredding possible!


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