Oh My GOODNESS the new cameras are SWEET!

First Trax

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We just finished installing a new pan, tilt and zoom cam on Ski Beech. We’re setting up the images to display on SkiNC.com and then ZOOM to some larger, auto-updating images on our webcam site (www.HighCountryWebCams.com) and that should be running by the time MOST of you read this late afternoon update. By 5pm we’ll have the zoomed images displaying.

You’ll also note that Wolf Laurel’s camera is now running as well as Cataloochee’s is now triggering to the new display. Some of you guys emailed us during the time that the Extreme Sugar Cam was down thinking that we turned it away from the slopes because conditions were bad (Sugar was closed during that time). Those of you that know us should know better. Things happen with cameras and internet connections, but the good news is we have the Extreme Sugar cam firing shots again.

More coming!!! We are installing another camera on top of Sugar sometime tomorrow, weather permitting…and then yet another camera further up at Ski Beech within another day or so! Too cool huh?


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