North Carolina Ski Areas Add Appalachian and Wolf Ridge to OPEN terrain!

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Our snow loving weather buddy, Brad Panovich posted another updated video forecast last night. It is titled "SNOW STORM ALERT!"

Let’s make that the top news of today. 

Brad said that the storm was located over the northern Rockies last night just prior to midnight when he posted his update (yes, he’s a hard working weather dude). He said that clipper system is picking up energy from Canada and will be diving south and east as we go through the day on Friday.

We woke up to some northwest flow snows this morning across the region (we’ll report on that in a second) but he says "that’s nothing compared to what’s heading our way for Saturday".

He said that we’re going to get a "double whammy" or perfect setup for snows to the mountains of the Southeast for the weekend. We’ll see a LOW bring us snow and then the northwest flow snows will pick up on the back side through Sunday and possibly even Monday.

On Friday he’s expecting some leftover snows coming off the Great Lakes particularly for the West Virginia mountains. However as we get into Saturday we should see the system move in first to the North Carolina mountains and then into the Virginias. The heavier snow will be into Saturday night and into Sunday.

Brad is forecasting "at least" 3-5" in the North Carolina ski area communities and maybe a little bit more at Beech and Sugar.

Brad’s been pretty darn accurate over the last three seasons and I’ll take his snow loving forecasts any day…especially over the gloom and doom forecasts that are coming out of some weather camps that are forecasting a "challenging season" for most of the ski areas of the south.

Brad closed his forecast by saying that we should see PLENTY of cold, cold air for these next two weeks as the ski areas prepare the slopes for the all-important Christmas-New Year ski period. He’s also hinting that we could be seeing ANOTHER snow event for next week.


Check out his weather update>

Here’s a tour of the NC Ski Areas today… 

Appalachian Ski Mountain – 20° – Trace of new snow and lots of snowmaking! – App will open today with six slopes, including the Appaljack Terrain Park. They’ve made so much snow says Brad Moretz that, "After 48 hours of round-the-clock snowmaking, and for the comfort of our guests, most snowmaking will not take place on open slopes during the day on Friday."

Remember that the first 100 skiers / snowboarders will receive free tickets on Opening Day, Friday, December 3rd!

Drew Stanley, App’s Marketing Director shared, "For Saturday, we expect to add Orchard Run and the Appal Jam terrain park. Both Saturday and Sunday, we will be celebrating 49 years of skiing, and rolling back ticket prices to 1962 levels. $5 tickets will be offered for the 9-4 day sessions only.
Ice Skating will also begin on a regular schedule Saturday, December 4th, with 2 hour sessions beginning at Noon, 2:30 and 7 pm."


Sugar Mountain – 19° – They picked up another .5" of snow even though they aren’t reporting it. That’s 2.5" over the last few mornings and 6.5" on the season thus far. They’ve bombed the slopes with snowmaking and are open with six slopes today and tonight and Easy Street is open now – which is a phenomenal slope for beginners as it offers a long-gliding trail that has very little pitch to it. Even the lift itself is low to the ground which helps to acclimate newbies to the sport. Sugar is reporting a base of 12-40".

Wolf Ridge Resort – 25° – 1" of new snow and 2" on the season thus far. – In a move designed to "WOW", Wolf opens TODAY for skiing and snowboarding from 9am through 10pm on 3 slopes to start and they may have five open by the end of the day. Tubing opens on Saturday. Very cool Orville! Very cool!

Beech Mountain Resort – 18° – Gil Adams is reporting another one-half inch of new snow and 2.5" over the last two-plus days. Lots of snow is in the forecast for this weekend’s opening day (Saturday). They’ve been blasting the slopes! Beech has now seen 7.7" of snow on the season according to CocoRaHs.

Cataloochee Ski Area – 33° – They’ve had a TRACE of snow the last three mornings and they’re making tons of snow to reopen tomorrow, Saturday.

Sapphire Valley – NO REPORT

So we have TONS of snow on the slopes. More are open today! Significant snow is on the way! It’s plenty cold! LIFE IS GOOD!

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