No New Snow to Report…Only Amazing Conditions!!! New Year’s has never looked so Fresh!

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Welp, it’s Hump Day! Happy Wednesday guys and gals, it’s December 29 and there are only two more days left this year…WOW. They (I’m not sure who “they” are) say time flies when you’re having fun…and this year has flown by! The New Year holiday weekend is almost here, and there are tons of people heading to ski areas across the country to take on some incredible conditions!!

I also think this is a good time to “wrap up” the year in sports…so, here are a few memorable, or forgettable, sports controversies that happened this year, and maybe a few words on how I feel about them…

1. LeBron James went to the Miami Heat and announced it on a tv special called “The Decision.” Well, LeBron James is playing for the Miami heat with two other great ball players, and my guess is all the hype isn’t going anywhere until “the King” wins his championship. Time will tell.

2. FIFA doesn’t choose the United States or England to host the World Cup. In 2018 it’s going to Russia, and in 2022 it’ll take place in Qatar where temperatures in the summertime can hold steady in the 120’s. Yikes! Did someone get bribed?

3. Reggie Bush gave his Heisman back. I’m not a real big college sports football fan, well, I’ll watch it but I never really understand anything about who they players are, where they’re going in the next draft, etc. but I do know this was a big deal. I heard Mike and the guys in the office talking about college football all fall (GOO GAMECOCKS) so I’m learning a little more.

4. Cam Newton. Period. There’s been nothing BUT controversy surrounding the quarterback from Auburn. He didn’t get any money, but I guess his dad did? Who knows REALLY what happened. He’s still up for the Heisman?

5. Brett Favre may finally hang his helmet up. Last year the 41 year old QB had the year of his life, and this year he’s had the year of the interception! My opinion is that he could have gone out in style last year, and this year he’s just…OLD. No discredit to his career, but c’mon.

6. Tiger Woods cheating scandal. This one has been talked to death, but I just had to include it. Maybe sometime in the next season or two he’ll win a few tournaments and we can start talking about the great golfer he is again instead of how many women he was unfaithful with.

That’s my morning attempt at sports commentary. I’d like to take two seconds and say that we’re sending positive thoughts and vibes out to those skiers and riders who were on the lift at Sugarloaf in Maine yesterday. The freak accident that left seven injured has been attributed to high winds following this last storm that barreled up the east coast. So, we are thankful no one was killed and great job to the rescue teams!!

And here’s a look around!

North Carolina

Appalachian Ski Mountain -22°- Open 9am to midnight for Midnight Blast skiing! Conditions are excellent on 12 of 12 slopes with a base of 69-97 inches of snow!! Snowmaking ops continue as temperatures allow.

Beech Mountain -17°- It’s another beautiful day on Beech Mountain! With a 45-80 inch base and all 15 trails open, conditions continue to be awesome! Look for lots of fun and entertainment in the village! New Terrain Park features everyday! Tubing and ice skating are also open!

Cataloochee– 22°- Overnight snowmaking means great surface conditions continue at Cataloochee with all 16 of 16 trails open. Cataloochee is rocking a 57-91 inch base!! Tube World at Maggie Valley is open today as well as ice skating. There’s something for the whole family!

Sugar Mountain -15°- Open with 20 of 20 trails for skiing and riding on a 45-93 inch base with seven lifts running. Sugar is also open for ice skating and tubing and is planning a big New Year’s celebration!

Wolf Ridge Resort -26°- Open today with 17 of 20 trails open! Snowmaking conditions on un-open terrain! With an 85 inch base and packed powder surfaces, Wolf is still offering up killer skiing and riding. Night skiing is available and the tubing park is open!!


Bryce Resort – 23°- Bryce Resort is open with seven of eight slopes and all lifts running. Even though they’ve only gotten two inches of natural snow, the snowmaking team has put together an impressive 30-65 inch base for skiing and riding!! Tubing is also open at Bryce today!

Massanutten -27° – Snowmaking on some trails! Massanutten is 100% open today from 9am to 9pm! Day, twilight and night sessions are available! The CMB Terrain Park has some fun features: spine, pole jam, tall rail, roller, table, c-box. The Easy Street Terrain Park has a roller and couple of barrels.

– 23°- Open on 26 of 26 trails with 5 lifts operating. Wintergreen is open for day and night skiing and riding. The Plunge Tubing Park is open from 10am to 11pm. TERRAIN PARK: The Progression Park is open with: 10 ft box, 20 ft rail, double barrel shotgun rail, 2 progression rails, small and large propane tank rails, down rail, 2 small jumps, medium jump, 2 progression tables and a battleship rail. The Advanced Park is open with: Flat down rail, barrel bonk, big table, propane tank hip, fuel tank vert wall, leaning fun box. Incredible conditions at Wintergreen!!

West Virginia

Canaan Valley-17°- With the exception of December 19th, there has been snow reported at Canaan Valley every day since December 13th!! It’s unbelievable the amount and frequency of snowfall at Canaan!!! Conditions don’t get any better! Canaan is open on all 39 trails today with packed powder conditions!

Snowshoe Mountain – 17°- Open on 52 trails with 13 lifts running. I should start calling this section of the morning tour “Leave it to Laura” because, well, it’s her words…so here’s what she say, “After nearly 30 consecutive days of below freezing temperatures and more than 65" of natural snow, Mother Nature is turning on us a bit. Over the next few days we’ll experience a mild spell and possibly some rain. While that doesn’t sound like a skier’s forecast, with over 5 FEET of base across most of our slope system–and much more in some areas–Snowshoe is prepared for such a mild spell. We’ll see softer snow than we have for the majority of the past month, but our expert snowmaking and grooming team have built an amazing base that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So you’ll have PLENTLY of snow to enjoy, and you just won’t have to wear as many layers! That’s a good thing, right?!? And don’t panic too much, because cold weather returns as we ring in 2011 on Saturday, and snow is once again in the forecast for Sunday! These mild periods are typical in the Southeast and we’re prepared for them! So there WILL be snow and PLENTLY of it across our open terrain for the remainder of the year! And Snowshoe continues to offer the region’s most open terrain with 52 slopes. Our grooming team should be getting to work shortly on Sawmill and Choker with hopes of opening those two expert slopes before the weekend. This mild spell and possibly a few raindrops will actually help us over at the Silver Creek area where the water reserve for our snowmaking operations is running low. Until we get those levels up, Bear Claw, Flying Eagle and the other slopes that remain unopened are on hold. But there is LOTS of room to play out there. The Northern Tract, Grabhammer, Knot Bumper, Skip Jack; it’s all been absolutely phenomenal for the past several days. Our Terrain Parks are looking perhaps the best they ever have and there’s a lot for you jibbers to play on.” Spruce Glades Terrain Park: Features available in Spruce Glades Large Park: 3 Flat rails,2 med jump,2 large jumps, un-bow box, snow box, rainbow box, flat down rail, down flat down rail, wall ride. Features available in the Powdermonkey Small Park: butterbox, surface box, 2 small rails, flat-down box, down box, and a small jump.

Timberline -17°- Open on 37 of 38 trails today!! Snowmaking continues on limited terrain! With a 42-68 inch base and tons of open terrain at Timberline, there’s plenty of shredding to be had by skiers and snowboarders alike!!

Winterplace– 24°- Open today on 26 of 28 trails with 8 lifts moving you guys and gals around! A few clouds will give way to sunshine today at Winterplace, and it’s setting up to be a great day on the mountain. Tubing is also open!! Get out there and have some fun!!!


Wisp Resort – 17°- Open on 32 of 32 trails with all 10 lifts running!! There are no snowmaking ops to fight with so it’s smooth sailing on packed powder conditions at Wisp. The whole resort including ice skating, tubing, and the Mountain Coaster are open and ready for fun!!


Ober Gatlinburg -25°- It’s a bit warmer at Ober today but conditions are still excellent! Open on 7 of 9 trials with a 30-55 inch base! Also open for tubing and skiing. Ober Gatlinburg definitely has something for everyone in the fam!!

That’s it folks. Tomorrow I’ll let you all know what kind of shenanigans are going on at the various ski areas for New Year’s Eve!! Have fun and send us pictures!!

Think…COLD and Think…SNOW!!!

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