Mix to SNOW Expected to Fall Saturday! WooHoo! SkiSoutheast.com Summit Begins!

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Before I even crawled out of the bed this morning I was listening to the sound of Snowshoe Mountain’s groomers working the slopes and trails. I looked out before 6am and it is F-O-G-G-Y and I can’t help but wonder how in the world they can do their thing in that kind of "soup".

I also checked my INBOX, expecting to see a lot more emails about the ski area closures that made the news yesterday. (Ski Beech and Wolf Ridge in North Carolina called it quits for the season.) I was surprised by two things; first, there was only two more emails about the subject expressing some of the same sentiments that we shared last night (read the next story down on the front page) and second, I was greeted IN MY INBOX with an email from Ski Beech’s marketing department. Not a complaint mind you, but an email that I am certain thousands of you were sent as well, that invited you to go and enjoy some "S and S" (Skiing and Shopping).

So Beech closes up for the season at 4:30pm Friday and then whoever is handling their internet marketing blasts – sends out an email telling thousands to come and ski with them.  A couple of people emailed me thinking that maybe Beech was offering free skiing today.  No, that’s not it.

That is the way their season has gone 🙁 No doubt, we’ll hear more about that one. Hopefully not. It’s been an up and down season for those guys and they’re probably just happy to be looking forward to next season.


Meteorologist Brad Panovich released his latest forecast for the weekend and we have posted that on the front of www.SkiSoutheast.com. The synopsis is snow for those of us who made the summit trip. About 120+ attendees should be enjoying 3-6" of snow for Saturday and Saturday night …and a few more inches Sunday. Brad is a bit of a snowbird for us snow lovers, but he is saying that we should see all snow today and 2-4" is probably a figure we can count on, but don’t rule out heavier snow. Brad, we wish you could be here, but we will TAKE the snow!

The National Weather Service is saying we should see more of a wintry mix with 1-2" today and 1-3" more tonight so hopefully Brad’s prediction is more accurate for us! Brad’s video is on the front page of SkiSoutheast.com and he was on the air with the same broadcast via WCNC NBC 6 out of Asheville Thursday evening so we really appreciate all of his SkiSoutheast.com Summit talk for us! Thanks again Brad.

The weather into Virginia and North Carolina looks similar to ours here in West Virginia for today, with just a bit less in the way of accumulation so hopefully all of our ski areas will benefit from some good weather today.

I am headed out to meet up with whatever hearty, SkiSoutheast.com Summit souls I can find out on the slopes at 8:30am, so check the SLOPE CONDITIONS page for the latest conditions.


WISP RESORT REPORT: Since Wisp is the only resort in the state of Maryland they get their own separate billing. They are showing 34° and snowing this AM! They have 28 trails open for today.


Canaan was 42° and cloudy at 4am with 16 trails open for today.

Snowshoe Mountain is our host for this weekend’s SkiSoutheast.com Summit and they have 57 trails open for today and Laura Parquette writes, "We’re going to start off the day mild and wet again this morning, but temperatures should drop throughout the day. Rain is expected through 3pm, before changing over to snow and dropping 1-2" this afternoon. An additional 1-3" of fresh powder is expected overnight, with a slight chance of snow throughout the day Sunday. While snowmaking didn’t occur overnight, it should resume tonight, and may continue throughout the day tomorrow, as temperatures are expected to be very cold with windchills dipping below zero."

We’ll hope that the forecast is on target, but that even the early precip is snow!

Timberline has not updated their own report since Thursday, but the SSAA is reporting 27 trails open today and the weather station up there is showing 35° with temps dropping and snow in the forecast.

Winterplace has been 100% for quite a bit of this season and remains so today with all 28 trails and 39° this AM.


Bryce and Massanutten stay status quo with with they were yesterday with 6 and 11 trails open respectively.

Wintergreen looks to have 16 trails open today according to the SSAA report. (Wintergreen had not updated their report as yet this morning.)

OBER GATLINBURG REPORT: Like Wisp, Ober is the only ski area in the great state of Tennessee. They have 36° already this AM and 5 trails open. Bear in mind that Ober closed tomorrow for the season so get out and enjoy it while you can!


Appalachian is as foggy as it is here this AM. 45° and 100% open!

Cataloochee is open for DAY SKIING ONLY today and Sunday. They have 8 trails open today.

Hawksnest is open til midnight with 8 trails and snow tubing.

Sugar Mountain looks to be having 18 trails open today according to the SSAA report. (Sugar has not updated theirs yet this AM.)

Beech and Wolf Ridge are Closed.


My guys arrived around 11am or so Friday morning and I began getting calls and visits from Mellow Yellow (Jasen Vioral), MedicSkiers (Austin Beeghly) and others. After a few calls and emails, we met up with those guys and TeleDave & JBC28 (Dave McConnell and Blake Couch) at The Junction for some eats, drinks and good conversation. Laura Parquette of Snowshoe (who together with Snowshoe’s top brass dreamed up the idea of the 1st Annual SkiSoutheast.com Summit) honored us by coming out and hanging with us for a couple of hours. Marketing Coordinator, Brad Larsen dropped by and we have four of my office staff join in for our first evening together as well.

Laura reported that she ran into a few of our attendees a day earlier and from the sound of things it should be a great gathering.

The weather looked to be heading for a bad weekend as HEAVY RAIN was forecasted for Friday and into Saturday. Thankfully they dodged the heavy rain as only wind-driven rain feel mid day. That stopped altogether this evening and now perhaps 2-4" of snow is in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Woo-hoo!

We’ll be heading out to meet whatever portion of the 120+ attendees make it for out Saturday morning 8:30am meet up at the Ball Hooter lift area…so will get our report done early and head out to meet up. We have several photo bugs shooting pics and video (thanks especially to Black Couch (JBC28) for taking on the lion’s share of those duties) and we’ll share as much as we can as soon as we can during the day Saturday, and then as time allows we’ll post some of those Saturday evening. I promise in-depth trail reports on Sunday and Monday.

Until Next time…

Be sure to visit www.SkiSoutheast.com for more news from the rest of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic ski areas!

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