1st Annual SkiSoutheast.com Summit News

First Trax

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We’ll be posting tons of photos and videos as DAY ONE of the 1st Annual SkiSoutheast.com Summit was a great bunch of fun.  You can read "Chapter One" of the good times by clicking on the SkiSoutheast.com Summit News Link below.

Suffice to say that Day One was sweet as heavy snow began to fall around 11:30am and continued ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT Saturday night.  The Apres Ski Party was super fun and since Snowshoe Mountain gave away more than 120 or so free lifties I’d say we had most of the expected crowd show up!  Snowshoe had their videographer there and we should be getting some film soon, and we also did some clips and look to put the story together for you guys later.

Here’s the SkiSoutheast.com Summit News Link!

That will wet your appetite, and I have a ton of photos and video of the snow to share and will work on that on Sunday evening and Monday.  For now just KNOW that it was a great time and I met a lot of great people!

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