Merry Christmas Eve!

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Post by Mike Doble [email protected]

I just could not help myself! I HAD to post this update…


I had to do some last minute things at the office this morning and as I headed out my door – it was snowing! The ground is covered with a light dusting of new snow and it is STILL snowing as I post this update at 10:49am on Christmas Eve!

< King Street at 11am

I checked out the many ski resort cams at and I'm seeing everything from a nice dusting to a SNOW DUMP happening across the region's mountaintops.

Beech Mountain looks awesome and cold…and SNOWY! Ditto Canaan Valley…and Snowshoe is getting an old-fashioned DUMPING! Can you guys believe that Snowshoe has already seen 43" of snow so far this season! Crazy huh?!?!

Anyway, with the snow that is falling AND with the awesome cold temps that we're seeing, we WILL have a White Christmas at MANY locations around our coverage area.

The snowmaking crews at all of the resorts are kicking things up a notch and that means even more trails opening each day ahead and awesome conditions as we head into the all-important Christmas to New Year week.

The timing could not be better and hopefully each of you will get a chance to do a little product testing of your own by heading out to your favorite ski resort.


In case you were under a rock somewhere, we were able to get the old Blowing Rock Main Street Cam running again and this time it should stay running as we have a great camera partner who is providing the internet connection.

Also Tom Blanzy and his guys at Timberline Resort are getting things ready to add a SECOND LIVE STREAM from the Davis, WV ski resort. That should go LIVE in the first week of the year.

We've also been in communication with the new management team at Wolf Ridge Resort and YES they ARE INDEED under new management and NO it isn't the same people who were kind of scamming that kind of news last year.  Some people have emailed us questioning the Peak Resorts LLC tie in and mistakenly connecting that with Wolf. It IS a DIFFERENT Peak Resorts, LLC. The team that is taking over Wolf Ridge Resort is from Louisville, Kentucky and we have things in place (already) to ADD TWO LIVE CAMS from the Mars Hill ski resort. We will provide much more on the plans there in the coming days as we wrap up our promotional plans with them.

ALSO…as if that isn't enough, Scaly Mountain Tubing Park down in Cashiers, NC is adding a new LIVE CAMERA to show their popular family tubing destination. That camera will also show some summer fun with all of the outdoor activities that they do year-round.

ANYWAY…THINK COLD and THINK SNOW! Merry Christmas Eve from your old SkiNC / SkiSoutheast friend. 

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