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I have to first tell you guys that yours truly has been a “ BEAST” over the last couple of weeks. Thanks to a great staff who can keep our web development office flow going damn well without me – I have dedicated myself to making the best it’s ever been in terms of being ready for the “REAL SEASON” that begins at nearly the same time that the first good, natural snowfall hits.

Unlike any season prior – I advised our office staff that I was going to do nearly nothing EXCEPT work on for a few weeks and to that end, with the help of content contributors like David McCue and Kenny Griffin, I’m making some amazing progress. We’ve gotten all of the ski area snow totals updated (to zero for now) and we’ve updated all of the resort “What’s New Content”. You can click on ANY ski resort link on our website and see what each resort has to share to date. (Lots more will be flowing pretty quickly now.)

I’ve heard from Joe Stevens of “Snow News is Good News” and we will, no doubt, hear more from “old Joe” than ever. We are actually looking to include Meteorologist Brad Panovich more this season and have some ideas to include southern ski historian, Randy Johnson and others as members of our contributing content team.

So I’m in a TEAM MOOD and actually hope to reach out to others of our longtime readers and “fans” to contribute with content this season.

I guess in some part due to that “team recognition mode” that I’m in I couldn’t help but notice that a LOT of Snowshoe’s newest ad delivering has a lot to do with showing off their team and I like that a lot.

We have many new sponsors this season who are partnering with like never before, and none any greater than Snowshoe Mountain Resort. Snowshoe’s been a huge promotional partner of ours since Joe Stevens reached out to me personally God knows how many years ago. That promotional partnership has seen some ebb and flows to it, but this past couple of seasons David Dekema and the management of Snowshoe have seen to it to make us very aware that they want YOU, our readers to take note that they are plastered everywhere across all of our websites.

As I was reviewing some of the ad and promotional content, I couldn’t help but notice that they are using their “smiling faces” to attract YOUR SMILING FACES to join them for some winter fun at the region’s largest, and most visited ski resort.


As some of the ads began appearing, I couldn’t help but notice Mike “Snoop Dog” picture below, top row, to the right of “Alexis” the cute blonde. Mike is as much a part of Snowshoe as the mountain is. I remember seeing Mike at the bottom of the Ball Hooter lift on some of my first trips to Snowshoe.

2015-Oct-29-Snowshoe-Team-Mike<Meet everyone’s favorite lift operator, Mike.

I remember, not long after Joe Stevens reintroduced me to Snowshoe – seeing Mike at the lift line at the bottom as the day was about to end. He’s one of those guys who loves his job and he considers himself as much a part of the promotion of Snowshoe as any of the marketing staff. I remember Mike asking people standing in line, “What ya’ll got planned for this evening?” He would add, “In addition to some great restaurants, we have the Comedy Club…”, and he’d go on to mention the entertainment, etc.

Click the IMAGE BELOW to MEET more of the Snowshoe Mountain Resort team:

meet snowshoe mountain's team



…and the fact that they realize that and are even incorporating that into their marketing is brilliant.

As you peruse some of the ads on SkiSoutheast’s and ResortCams’ pages this season, note that some of them are introducing members of their team in creative ways.

For example, young Alexis shows up in some of the ads, and she’ll invite you to see more information about their Kid’s Learning Center.

Click the photo below and you’ll see the Snowshoe Mountain Ski and Snowboarding School


snowshoe mountain ski school

Simply conceived and brilliant, right?

I’ve been honored and blessed to meet many of Snowshoe and Intrawest’s brightest peeps over the years and the current management team are simply top-notch.

This post was meant MORE as a testament to TEAM RECOGNITION, but if you choose to think of it as a promotion for Snowshoe – have at it. You’re NOT going to go wrong in visiting them this season.

You might even run into that cutie-pie Alexis…and if you find yourself at the bottom of Ball Hooter, you WILL most probably see ole Mike.


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