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Put Your Wallet (and Heart) Where Your Love Is —

We don’t often appeal to our visitors to offer support to any "cause", however this is one that we’ll make an exception for.  Many snow lovers are aware that three ski patrollers lost their lives on April 6th at Mammoth Mountain.  For those who don’t…On Thursday, April 6, 2006, four experienced Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrollers were inspecting the mountain after recent heavy snowstorms. The patrollers were fencing off a natural hazard, a deep gas vent, on Christmas Bowl run, east of Chair 3 when the snow around the vent collapsed. Two patrollers, John "Scott" McAndrews and James Juarez, fell into the approximately 6-ft hole, down 21 feet of snow to the earth. Two patrollers attempting to help, Walter Rosenthal and Jeff Bridges, descended into the hole. Members of Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol working nearby quickly initiated additional rescue efforts and were assisted by the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department and Mono County Paramedics. The victims were immediately transported to Mammoth Hospital. Mammoth Mountain Ski Patroller Jeff Bridges survived and Rosenthal, McAndrews and Juarez perished as a result of the accident.

Rusty Gregory, Mammoth Mountain Ski Area Chairman and CEO issued the following statement to the community today:

"The community of Mammoth Mountain is much larger than our family of 2,800 employees or the 7,000 full time residents in the Town of Mammoth Lakes.  You are part of our community and I know you feel, as I do, that the loss of our patrollers in last Thursday’s tragic accident has broken our hearts and ripped at our gut.  Many of you have e-mailed me wonderful ideas on how best to raise money and respectfully honor the memory of Walter, James and Scott.  Instead of working on many separate small-scale efforts, I want to give us all one big idea that will raise a significant amount of money for the families and give us all something to focus on to ease the pain we feel.  I have decided to contribute all –100% without any deduction or adjustment — of this Friday’s gross ticket sales to provide financial support to the Rosenthal, McAndrews and Juarez families and to create a permanent tribute on the mountain to our fallen heroes.  I encourage you to participate this Friday, April 14, in a day of solidarity to honor the memory of Charles Walter Rosenthal, James J. Juarez, John Scott McAndrews and to recognize Mammoth Mountain’s Ski Patrol and their brothers and sisters of alpine safety and rescue professionals world-wide who risk their lives so the rest of us may enjoy the wonder of our mountains."

Not Everyone Can Be AT Mammoth on Friday – So How Can YOU Participate? –

We’ve actually already heard from a few people that are planning to travel to California and be there in person.  However, this Friday is Good Friday and Easter Weekend and a ski trip is not possible for many of us. However, YOU CAN take part without being there by making a symbolic gesture through the purchase of a ticket online at and remember that 100% of your purchase will go to help the families of these fallen patrollers.

NOTE:  As of 8:30am EST the link was not working for us.  We spoke with some contacts at Mammoth but they are three hours behind us and were not going to be able to address the problem for a couple of hours.  If the link does not work later…try calling 1-800-Mammoth (800-626-6684)/

Every penny of your lift ticket purchase — 100% without any deduction or adjustment — will go to provide financial support to the Rosenthal, McAndrews and Juarez families and to create a permanent tribute on the mountain to our fallen heroes.

Memorial Fund Information (This is a Quote from the Mammoth Website)

Many of you have inquired about a Memorial Fund for the Ski Patrol. Mammoth Mountain Ski Area has established memorial funds for the three Ski Patrollers who died on April 6, 2006.

Three individual funds have been established at Union Bank of Mammoth Lakes in each persons name; The Walter Rosenthal Fund, The Scott McAndrews Fund, and The James Juarez Fund.

If you wish to donate to any of the funds, you may send a check addressed to the fund of your choice to: Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol, Director Bobby Hoyt, PO Box 24, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546. Contributions may also be delivered directly to Union Bank, or mailed to Union Bank, PO Box 2729, Mammoth Lakes, California 93546.

The memorial funds for these individuals have been established with nearly $100,000 already contributed, we appreciate all your help, thoughts and prayers.

Contact: Joani Lynch, Communications Director 760.934.2571 ext 3135 for more information

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