Appalachian Ski Mountain Announces Plans to Add a SECOND Terrain Park!

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I don’t want to take away from today’s announcement by elaborating too much on "other news" however I feel that I HAVE to at least mention the fact that this is our/my first entry since April 11th. I have found it AMAZING to look at our Stats Package and see a continued flow of visitors to the site every day. Over the last two months we’ve maintained an average of more than 1500 unique visitors a day…which I can’t personally rationalize in my own mind – here in the midst of Summer.  We LOVE it!

…now ON to the news of the day!

I was speaking with Drew Stanley, the new Marketing Director for Appalachian Ski Mountain, the other day.  Many locals of all ages may be familiar with Drew as he’s an avid snow lover and many are aware of his skills on the snow.  Drew has also been "around" SkiNC for a number of years…sending in periodic videos and comments – both to me personally and on the messageboard.  It was great to hear that Drew is taking on the marketing duties of a resort that he unquestionably loves.  It’s easy to promote when you have real feelings for your product! As Drew stated, "I suppose my title is Marketing Director – slash Terrain Park Manager."

Drew is the son of Steve Stanley, who is the mountain manager of Appalachian and there is no question that the two not only form a great father and son team – they form a great alliance to promote and continue to build on a great family resort.  For the record, Brad Moretz, is still running the show as vice president and general manager of Appalachian Ski Mountain – it’s just a that Moretz has rewarded Drew with more responsibility in helping to market the resort.

To that end, one of Stanley’s first announcements is a huge one. Local and regional ski and snowboard enthusiasts will agree that Appalachian Ski Mountain has set the standard for terrain parks in the state of North Carolina and offer what is arguably the best terrain park in the Southeast. It is impressive to note that they obviously are not planning to sit on their past successes.

Here’s the official PRESS RELEASE:

Appalachian Ski Mtn. announces plans to add second Terrain Park to area.

Blowing Rock, NC, July 17, 2006

Appalachian Ski Mtn. is constructing a new slope to be used as the resort’s second Terrain Park. “This park will introduce concepts and features that will be new to the southeast region” says General Manager Brad Moretz. Clearing and grading of the future slope is currently underway and should be completed by late summer. The new slope will be located above Candied Appal, with the park entrance accessed from the elbow on Orchard Run.

The new park lies on gentle intermediate terrain, making it well suited for features that allow beginner and intermediate riders to progress their skills, while also offering unique features to challenge more advanced riders. Terrain Park Features include various jumps, rails, and boxes which skiers and snowboarders ride on as part of their downhill experience. Since introducing freestyle terrain to the resort seven years ago, Appalachian Ski Mtn. has been at the cutting edge of the ski industry by creating high quality terrain features catering to today’s freestyle skiers and snowboarders.



"Not only are we constructing this new slope, but we also need to name it! We are having a contest called "name the park" where anyone can put in their suggestions for the park name, and the winner will recieve a free season pass, plus a prize pack from Board Paradise snowboard shop," says Drew Stanley.

To enter, all you have to do is click here

You can also find a flash banner on their website that will take you to the enter screen.  Think of a name, enter and maybe you will win!  Appalachian is going to choose their 20 or so favorites and then they want to accept the input of SkiNC and others to pick the best name for the new park.  We may even help them narrow their choices to their top ten and then make it a SkiNC Poll to help influence them of a clear-cut favorite.  The bottom line though is that some lucky person will be responsible for the name of a new slope/terrain park AND WIN A FREE SEASON PASS!

You can enter online HERE on SkiNC by clicking here or you can drop by any location of Board Paradise!

As you can see by the Featured Photo on SkiNC’s and SkiSoutheast’s front page – construction is underway so ENTER TODAY!

Stanley also stated, "This new park is only the beginning of what we are planning for the winter, so I will have all sorts of pics/updates/news for you as we get closer to the season!"  We’ll share that information with you guys as soon as we get it!

On another note, Congratulations to Brad Moretz, the vice president and general manager of App on his election as a board of director member of the National Ski Areas Association.  On May 22, 2006 the NSAA announced the election of four new members to its board of directors. The election was held during NSAA’s National Convention and Tradeshow held at the Marriott Marco Island Resort Golf Club & Spa.

Brad Moretz, vice president and general manager of Appalachian Ski Mtn., N.C., represents the Southeast region. He has served as president and secretary/treasurer of the North Carolina Ski Areas Association and is currently in his second term as president of the Southeastern Ski Areas Association and has served two terms as vice president for the association…so congrats to Brad on an outstanding position of leadership both locally, regional and nationwide!

Until Next Time…

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Appalachian Ski Mountain announces a NEW TERRAIN PARK being built and YOU CAN WIN A FREE SEASONS PASS – Read today’s story – Photo by Drew Stanley
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