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There’s nothing like a little snow to get people excited! We received what was probably the LEAST amount of snow in the Southeast here around Boone, Banner Elk and Beech Mountain from this little introduction to the Winter of 2005-2006, but that’s okay…it has been nice to see.

We received an update from Andrea Smith up at Snowshoe Mountain Resort, where they receive a whopping 10" of snowfall from this first storm of the season. Other areas reported in with anywhere from 1" to 6" of beautiful, early season snow. There was obviously enough snow over at Wolf Laurel to do a little skiing on Tuesday! Richard Hansen emailed us today’s Photo of the Day on SkiNorthCarolina.com, showing "Big Bald" over there. He said that he skied a few times and called it quits…but that was more than most of us got to do!

Michael Valach, the Director of Skier/Rider Services at Wisp Resort in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland reported, "The snow was heavy and wet, with some poaching on the Main Street trail that could be seen during the day on Tuesday."

Wisp Resort fans should know that they have spent a cool $10 million on expansion with ten new trails, 2 new quad lifts and 40% more snowmaking capacity. Wisp Resort plans to open Thanksgiving weekend. If you want a little glimpse at THEIR snow, visit: https://www.skisoutheast.com and you can see the Photo of the Day over there.

Several Television Personalities Watching Our Cams – Our network of "Television Friends and Partners" keeps growing. At last count we now have more than 60 television stations using our data on SkiNorthCarolina.com and SkiSoutheast.com! We want to welcome Van Denton, the Chief Meteorologist for WGHP FOX TV in High Point. They are now using our Live Cams and more to "get the word out" about our snowfalls, conditions and more.

Welcome to Don Luehrs of WBTW in Myrtle Beach, S.C. as well. Don used our cams on the 5pm and 6pm broadcasts today. Thanks Don!

Speaking of television personalities – our official SkiNorthCarolina.com and SkiSoutheast.com meteorologist, Brad Panovich just got back from a "tour of duty" covering Hurrican Wilma. Many of you may know that Brad was also down in Louisiana when Katrina hit and he’s now safe and sound back in Charlotte at the studios of WCNC NBC 6. Brad was doing a LIVE remote for the station a few days ago when Hurricane Wilma was blowing her hardest.

Brad told us that during filming of the landfall of Hurricane Wilma a 2 X 4 went flying by with 2 nails sticking out! Wilma was HARD on meteorologist this week as she also knocked Al Roker of NBC fame off his feet during a filming! Step easy Brad! You can view Brad’s remote and if you look REAL close in the background you can see the board fly by. (The video is small, and not that clear…) Click Here> http://www.wcnc.com to see it.

Even WORK is great in the Mountains during a Beautiful Fall/Winter day! – My wife and I had to go and pick up a bunch of hay for our horses this morning and I have to admit that with all of the office work that I have to do – I was not looking forward to it. After all, it was bone-chilling cold at 26° over behind Beech Mountain and past Banner Elk this morning. The sun was trying to break through early but the wind was still blustery and it was still spitting snow as we drove across the Tennessee line to pick up the first truckload of hay.

On the way over, as I drove past Elk River and towards 19E…I was amazed at how much Autumn color there was. Typically by this time of the month things are looking pretty wintry. Gorgeous bursts of color is EVERYWHERE. There were also several spectacular ranges that actually seemed to be "confused" as to whether it was Fall or Winter! As we were returning from our second trip across the state line, we stopped to snap a photo of one beautiful mountainside that was covered in a patchwork of color…almost two-thirds of the way up. The top third was covered in beautiful snow against a Carolina blue sky. It was simply beautiful.

We finished loading the hay into the barn loft at about lunchtime and stopped in at Dunn’s Deli in Banner Elk. If you’re in the area, you should try them out. Dunn’s Deli is kind of local "secret". While they stay busy, more people are familiar with Banner Elk Cafe or The Lodge at Banner Elk. However, Dunn’s Deli offers a great variety of specialty sandwiches and more. My favorite is the Reuben…but they’re all great. They also have a pretty decent assortment of beverages to choose from.

If you have the opportunity, you should come up to the mountains this weekend. Saturday and Sunday should be beautiful and there are plenty of areas that are just now getting to peak color. This HAS been an extended Autumn for certain…so take advantage of it.

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