Fall Has Been Extended!

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We’ve received a lot of emails from website visitors wanting to know:

– When will Winter Begin?

– When will SkiNC and SkiSoutheast kick into daily operation?

– When will it snow?

The Answers Are:

– December 21st
– Around November 15th-20th
– Soon

When "winter" will begin is DIFFERENT from "when will the ski season begin?"

Ski season 2005-2006 will begin as soon as the weather chills and the snow guns crank up across the region. Our guess is not much better than any of yours, however the temps NORMALLY start cooperating around November 10th-20th and the traditional opening days are right around Thanksgiving so it’s still a bit early.

It’s great to see the excitement that is obviously out there though, because we are seeing an amazing amount of early, pre-season traffic on the website.

Autumn HAS been extended! – Snowlovers, skiers and snowboarders will moan as you read this, however, Fall Colors are still in abundance across the region. We have received emails from up around Snowshoe, Maryland, Western Virginia and here in Western North Carolina about how the leaves are still hanging around.

Although this was not one of the more spectacular color leaf seasons in terms of brilliant hues of red, etc…it HAS been a longer than usual one. Note the photo of the day today. It was snapped while driving up Highway 105 (I know but there are hundreds of you driving while dialing and yapping on cell phones). As you can see, there’s lots of rustic fall colors still around. I was in Banner Elk most all day yesterday doing some horseback riding with friends and there’s quite a bit of color still left even at the high elevations…as we were riding within a few hundred yards of Beech Mountain.

So just stay patient…the cold temps and the roar of snow guns will be heard around the region soon enough!

Shirt R Us! We finally received the new SkiNC Hoodies and Long-sleeved tees and we are installing the new Online Store and Security today. We should have them available for purchase by mid-week.

Snow News is Good News – We will be premiering a brand new ski and snowboard column called "Snow News is Good News ®" this week. We have enlisted the services of Joe Stevens of The Media Center in Charleston, West Virginia. Many of you know Joe from his years as the Director of Communications for Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia.

Stevens’ many contacts and knowledge of the southeastern ski and snowboard industry will bring a lot of insight to SkiSoutheast.com and we are partnering the "Snow News Is Good News ®" promotion within many media outlets. Look for Joe’s new column to debut this week!

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Fall Colors are STILL quite pretty in the High Country – This photo was taken this morning (Monday Nov 7th) along Highway 105, approaching Seven Devil
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