It’s STILL Winter!

First Trax

Hey guys, happy Monday! Apparently, NEMO didn't have much of an affect on our "northern southeastern" ski resorts as I had anticipated, but the WV areas and Wisp in MD did see a few extra inches of natural snowfall the other day. Hey, every bit counts! At any rate, the storm did fulfill its promise to those ski resorts up North in CT, NH, MA, and so forth. Many got 20 to 30 inches. Good for them!

Goose eggs cover this morning's snow report with temperatures mostly in the 30s and 40s. The guns are off but who cares with the slopes sitting pretty as they are. A lot of areas are calling for showers later this afternoon, but snow is in the forecast, so hold tight.

We do hear birds chirping outside our office windows this morning, but maybe their cardinals (ya know, the beautiful red birds that don't migrate south during winter?). Even if they're not, while I am enjoying the sounds, I'm not worried that our season is over. Heck, we still have our ski summit to attend, and I have just one day on the snow so far. While we typically don't see snow in summer, it doesn't mean that we can't see a little mild weather in winter. We should all know this by now and not let it scare us.

Just look at the resorts' events calendars. They're not going anywhere. We have a good chunk of the season ahead of us so carry on with your mid-season training (anyone do that ;), and keep your weekends clear, not to mention any possible week days, to hit the slopes.

I'm going to keep this morning's article short in hopes of updating you later on. We have some 'news at the resorts' and summit details coming your way. I'll be back 🙂

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*Photo Courtesy of Snowshoe Mountain 2013

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