It’s Preseason and I Just Feel Like Rambling

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Emails have been pouring in asking ALL sorts of questions and my skiMail computer (my laptop) has print so small (getting smaller every day!) that I had to just transfer all of our main content from it to a new quad-processor with 4gig of Ram and a huge 22" monitor.  Seems that I have been focusing too much on the small screen that my eyes are getting blurry!  No way I’m admitting that my eyesight might be waning a bit…

So anyway, during the transfer I noticed a TON of emails from late in the season (from March 25th forward) that I simply overlooked.  In cleaning house a bit I ran across some pretty cool images that I have posted to the appropriate resort photo pages.  Remember that you can see the most recent photos by visiting and then clicking on any of the resort pages.  We just archived all of the thousands of photos from the 2006-2007 ski season and we’re starting all over again!  You can also visit any of LAST FOUR SEASON’S photos by clicking on the appropriate year links at the bottom of that page.  It is AMAZING how many photos we’ve archived over the last four seasons!  Of course we still have some of the orginal photos that were sent to us back in 1996!

Digital Technology Rules!

Looking back over the last few years’ photos it is astonishing just how sweet digital photography has improved.  That technology has made it so easy for you guys to send us all of the sweet photos that we get.

Sign Up for Trail Reporting This Season!

We’ve received quite a lot of sign ups for sending in Trail Reports for the upcoming season!  For those of you who plan to provide regular submissions, we have began to setup dedicated FTP addresses so that you can more easily and quickly upload many images and videos at once.  Within a couple of days we will email all of those who have signed up with specifics as to how to do it.  However, just know that you don’t HAVE to sign up to send us periodic email to [email protected] and share your photos and experiences.  You just don’t know how valuable your reports are to visitors who have never been skiing, or never been to a specific resort.  So send ANYTIME!

However, if you want to sign up as a Trail Reporter, and send us more regular reports, photos etc…we can possibly hook you up with some free passes and we may offer a "Top Reporter" prize again this season. We’re really wanting to get as many people from ALL of the resorts of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic to submit.

Goodbye to One of the Best!

Going back through some of the older photos that I had not gotten around to posting – took me back through several that our good friend Kent Jackson sent in.  Kent was a regular to the website and without question sent in more photos than any other reporter last season.  Kent was an instructor at Sugar Mountain over the last couple of years and was great about capturing as many "smiling faces" as possible. Kent has moved to Arizona and won’t be sending any Southeast images this season.  Kent AKA "Twisted Possum" will be missed.

The Strange Questions Have Began!

Every season about this time of year we begin to field some strange questions.  At least MOST tell us a small tidbit about what they are actually inquiring about.  For example, MOST will say at least something like, "Can you guys tell us if it will be cold or snowing on December 19th at Sugar Mountain?"  While those are tough enough and hard to answer with a straight face; tougher still is it to answer ones like this one that I received in the last bit.

"Dear Sir. My daughter is planning a wedding for December 29, 2007 and we live in Philadelphia, Pa. Can you give me any insight as to what kind of weather we are looking at? I can take the cold, but what about the snow. Thank you. – Jackie"

Uhmmmm. Jackie, it might help to know if you are inquiring about a certain resort, or your hometown in Philly.  Of course, even armed with the resort that you MAY have intended to inquire about – it would be impossible to predict with any certainty what December 29th will be like.  Heck, I’m no meteorologist and I didn’t sleep in the Holiday Inn last night – and even the best of the best can barely tell us with any reliability what the weather will be like TOMORROW!!!

Speaking of tomorrow…Snow Is in the Forecast? Maybe.

Our friendly meteorologist, Brad Panovich of NBC 6 in Charlotte, provided a video last week and in it, he actually named November 15th as a day that we may see some snow.  Now dude THAT was pretty good.  Hopefully his 2007-2008 Winter Forecast is as dead-on. Brad is predicting COLDER than normal temps most all season and close to normal natural snow for most of our region, and MUCH MORE SNOW THAN NORMAL into West Virginia and Maryland.  His forecast has my buddies at Snowshoe, Canaan Valley, Timberline, Winterplace and Wisp Resort…very excited!  Hopefully some of that nice snow will filter into the more southerly mountains (which is something he says will happen from time to time) so maybe things will be even better.

We are still in the midst of cleaning old content and tweaking What’s New updates and as quickly as possible we will post the new contest giveaways! Stay tuned!

Send you photos, videos, reports and any comments to: [email protected]

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