It’s Official! Timberline Resort is Sold to Perfect North Slopes!

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I will start this story off by saying that any reader who has shared that you felt that Timberline Resort was a different kind of bankruptcy story and that it WOULD be purchased and reopened as a ski resort – you have my full permission to say “I told you so”…as I was wrong. It indeed has happened and Timberline Resort WILL reopen as a ski resort.

Second, I want formally thank the new owner, Chip Perfect for granting me his very first interview since making the deal. In fact, I was his very first phone call on a new phone system that was installed today…not at Timberline, but at his offices in Indiana.

That said, Chip was very gracious in allowing us time to speak. In short, I congratulated him on the purchased and asked if he had anything that I could share. He first shared this short, Press Release:


The land and assets of Timberline Four Seasons Resort were sold in Bankruptcy court today in Philadelphia. The top bidder was a group who has operated a successful Midwest ski area for 40 years.

Members of the Perfect North Slopes management team will be forming a new management group, with the intent to revitalize the Timberline Ski Area to its fullest potential.

“We are excited to bring our extensive ski area operation experience to the Timberline property” said Chip Perfect speaking for the group.

“The property has great potential, a stunning West Virginia setting and some fabulous terrain and ski runs.” “The property however is not without its challenges. It is going to take some time to overcome those obstacles”. The team’s current plan would be to reopen the ski area for the 20-21 season. 

“Exceeding the expectations of our customers has been the key to our success in the Ski Industry.  Our goal will be to do the same at Timberline in the future!”

Upon taking my phone call, I shared that I was positive that he is a very popular man right this second, due to the tens of thousands of people who will be elated to hear that he had purchased the ski area. I also shared that it was my (mistaken) opinion that Timberline was destined to become another one of the lost ski areas that dot the region.

He replied, “Sure. I understand that opinion, but no we are going to be forming a new organization or group that is made up of very experience resort management people, members of our team who tasks it will be to revitalize the ski area.”

He added, “I’ve have my eye on Timberline for fifteen or twenty years and I’ve always sort of been envious of its terrain. It’s just a stunning piece of property and just think it has so much potential – but we have realize that potential and that’s going to be the hard part.”

He went on to share that their plan is to reopen for the 2020-2021 ski and snowboarding season and he quickly said that any thought of doing things faster than that was simply not prudent. He added, “We’ve already taken a prudent look at the place and done our due diligence and it is not without its obstacles and Mike please share this with your audience – we know it is going to take a great deal of cooperation from the community to overcome those obstacles. However the thing that excites me there is the beautiful homes, the setting and the people who have committed to that community give me great excitement that the are going to be great team members with us – to bring Timberline back to the level that we want it to be and that they want it to be. We are confident that there will be a lot of people pulling in the same direction, for sure…to be make it the fabulous ski area that it has the potential to be.”

He was also gracious in sharing this closing statement, “Mike, I’ve been on your website and looked at all the webcams and I think you do a lot for the ski industry.”

Well he’s already created his first fan in this region. Ha.


So there you have it….look for a New Timberline Resort opening for the 2020-2021 season. Good on you Chip. Good on you.

Feel free to email me at: [email protected]

Story cover photo by David McCue for 2018.

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