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Posted to SkiNC and SkiSoutheast! – We’ve spent a LOT of time so far this "season" talking about the weather, and if you’ve just come to this website for the first time this season, you might be wondering if all of the weather talk is because we’ve be snowed under…or if the weather’s been the pits so far. If you live in any of the nine southeastern states that we get MOST of our traffic from and you don’t know that we’ve had very little cold air thus far…then PLEASE let me know what kind of car you drive, because I don’t want to be on the road with you!

Suffice to say that only (14) trails of the (326) that exist in the Southeast are open…and that figure is likely to change in the AM. I am posting this article just past midnight and we won’t know more until around 7am or so.

HUGE CHANGES IN THE WEATHER ON TAP!!! I have no clue if our pleas to God, or some gorgeous red-head with Cherokee ancestry (hi mom!) found her snow headress…but the weather is changing people! Cold, I mean COLD air is on the way and we might see some snow as well! Thanks to NOAA, NWS, WJHL, Ray Russell and newfound weather practioner, Austin Beeghly…we THINK we know what’s going on and coming our way.

Here’s the latest:

In North Carolina, get all of your ski and board equipment waxed up. The COLD invades the mountains late Friday and snow is in the forecast in some fashion each day through Monday. It may be snow showers, to snow flurries to rain/snow but along with it will be COLD temps that will get "Sammy" over at Cataloochee…(as well as snowmaking crews at ALL of the resorts) firing up the guns. Even BETTER news is that snow is again in the forecast around mid December…and there is no end to the COLD temps in the long range forecast. Winter may FINALLY be here.

Further north…even better For our brothers into Virginia, West Virginia and up…expect much the same with temps averaging 5° colder (lows near 20° and into the teens).

Ski Resort Openings? Okay, here’s where you guys have come to count on us. The conditions are NOT going to be great this weekend…anywhere. However, we’re guessing that there will be skiable terrain. As of this writing, Sugar had already dropped back to 2 trails open…late today and there was no night skiing last night. We might see things get a bit worse before they get better…and better they WILL get. Resorts will be able to go non-stop on snowmaking beginning late Friday and you can expect improving conditions ALONG with some natural snow pretty much at all resorts. Those that have not been open thus far, will be in fine shape by the 17th…for a great weekend. You may even see a few open just a day or two prior to that and we’ll keep you posted!

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