Heavy Snow is BOMBING Ski Resorts! Some now getting rain! See Below!

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We’ll no doubt be updating you guys with some HEAVY snow numbers as of Saturday morning, as snow is falling across the upper tier of ski areas as of noon. We’ve already heard reports of 10" of snow around Jefferson, NC and we saw 8" of snow here at our offices before it has now switched over to a light rain – YUCK!

The snowpack here has already been packed down to about one-half of what it was just an hour ago! Just at the end of the first round of heavy snow we had some of the fluffiest and prettiest snow we’ve seen this winter! If you were one of the lucky ones who got to hit that snow early this morning and up until around 11am, it had to be SWEET!

As stated, some areas are getting bombed with snow right now, some are seeing rain and the resorts further north are expecting 24-28" NOW!

I just got off the phone with Judy at Wintergreen Resort in Virginia and as of noon they had 5-6" of snow and expecting two feet by Saturday when it’s over! I spoke with Teresa at Timberline and they’ve seen nothing but light rain all day thus far but they are expecting the rain to switch to snow this evening and get a dumping.

I tried my buddy, Laura at Snowshoe and she must be out "sampling the product" because she’s unavailable but they updated their website just moments ago and report 4" of snow since it began.

The upper tier ski areas – Snowshoe, Canaan, Timberline, Wisp and even into the Virginia ski areas are all expecting 20-28" of snow from this crazy system.

As mentioned earlier – the NC ski areas have already picked up from 6-8" of snow (the most thus far) and are now seeing light rain. After some wet stuff, the rain should switch BACK to SNOW later this evening and we should see another 2-4" of snow according to most forecasters right now.

We’ll get some CoCoRaHS reports in the AM, but right now Beech and Sugar are reported only seeing 1-4" of snow thus far. It was colder in the valleys this AM as Blowing Rock saw 6" of snow early on.

So this storm system is creating some havoc with travel in some areas while most are reporting easy travel with good tires and/or 4WD.

Check back for updates if warranted.

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