Good LORD, the Weather Guys Missed this Forecast!

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It’s 7:28am and it’s snowing VERY HARD and we already have 6" of POWDER snow this morning! On Thursday forecasters were predicting heavy snow for the West Virginia and some of the Virginia ski resorts but only 1-4" of snow after some ice and sleet, then rain, then more snow and perhaps 3-6" of slush when it’s all done.

Well that forecast is out the window except for the weather gurus that tend to forecast in their rear view mirror. 5-6" of snow has fallen so far as this system gets underway.

If you’re reading this post, either Will Mauney or myself will be updating the SNOW REPORT momentarily and show you guys where all the snow is falling and how much. We’ll also share much more with you within the next hour or so, so check back.

We’ll get you some photos and videos to look at so check back.


Every time I turn around I am saying:

School’s out again.

I don’t know HOW MANY Fridays that school’s been out, but it’s a bunch and local school kids only went to school on Thursday of this week.

School kids have not had a full week of school here in the mountains since mid December.

This is the prettiest snow we’ve had so far this season. (Every snowfall seems to be prettier than the next, but THIS one is the prettiest I’ve seen this winter, in a winter FULL of pretty snowfalls.)

We’ve got POWDER conditions for today!

That’s it for now…check back soon for some pics and more. Hopefully this doesn’t change over to yuck like the weather guys forecasted. We’ll see.

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