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This is always a bittersweet day on the calendar for me. Easter is one of those Holidays that can fall on 35 dates, however it seems to normally be after the ski season has come to an end. So today Good Friday reminds me of a sacrifice made long ago on my behalf – hence both sad and thankful. Today is also the last Friday of the 2017-2018 ski and snowboarding season here in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic – and I’m a bit melancholy that the season is now on ‘life-support’, but thankful that it was as relatively successful one.

Today’s report of who’s playing on the snow is pretty short.

Bryce Resort – The Virginia ski resort is open today and tomorrow as they have now announced that Saturday, March 31st will be their last day of ski and snowboarding for the season. They are open with 3 slopes open and almost a “Sugar looking ribbon of snow at the base.”

Bill Nabers, of Bryce Resort has been providing us with some good intel from up in Virginia and today is no different. He wrote,

It is warm here. Close to 80. Good skiing early on. We closed early today; but for lack of paying customers more than weather. We did close Revenuer’s slope. So that leaves three. Bootlegger from the top and the two carpet lifts for beginners. Boot skied well today. Should be cold enough Friday night to set up for one last day. I’m working closing day so I will send you a wrap-up after that.

Massanutten Resort – They had PLANNED on being open today and perhaps one last weekend, however they posted,

Friday, March 30 | 7:45 am – Massanutten’s Ski Slopes are closed for the season. We planned to reopen this weekend, but warm and rainy weather throughout the week left us with too little snow to safely offer skiing and snowboarding. Sorry for any inconvenience and thanks for a great season!

Snowshoe Mountain – …is being Snowshoe Mountain. They are playing on 40 trails and quite decent conditions for this last weekend and (this is no April Fool’s joke) there is a chance of SNOW in their forecast for the last day of the season. I’d liked their update this morning:

We expect a great weekend with damp conditions early in the day turning into snow later in the afternoon, sunny skies for Saturday and a heavy chance of shred all weekend long. Soft, fun conditions and some light snowfall will carry us through our last weekend allowing you to make some fun turns and throw some slush down the slopes. We still have a full park build in Evolution to get a few last jibs in before the season closes out. It’s hard to believe the season is almost over but we truly have had a great one to celebrate and our summer season with plenty of sunshine is right around the bend. Let’s make this last weekend one to remember.

Sugar Mountain – is the only ski area in the region operating for day and night sessions. They are down to 7 slopes open and posted,

Ski or ride with us this Sunday, April 1 when we celebrate the final day of the winter season: burning of the snow, live music performed by the Typical Mountain Boys from 4:00-6:00 p.m., camaraderie, and other fun festivities!

That’s it my snow-loving friends. We have a trifecta of ski areas open for today – one each in North Carolina (Sugar), Virginia (Bryce) and West Virginia (Snowshoe).


Kenny Griffin posted the news that Beech Mountain was installing two new quad lifts over the summer. Some of you have seen this video posted yesterday, but here’s Beech tearing down the old quad lift building to make way for the new system.

In case you missed Snowshoe’s Pond Skim:

We will be posting some closing comments later in the weekend so stay tuned / check back…


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