EPIC Conditions at Wintergreen Resort

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Went to Wintergreen yesterday and conditions were EPIC. Some spots I sank to just below my crotch and that’s 36" deep! It was the best day of riding for us ever. We were both linking turns like crazy. I went down an entire green (blue run at App) linking turns and only fell once 😀 It’s the best feeling ever. It was like riding on butter it was so smooth and soft. Unfortunately, this is likely the best it will ever be for another few years so I’m glad we were able to take advantage of it, but I’m afraid it’ll be back to falling the next time we get out again. We finally met a member from SierraSnowboard.com but he was leaving right when we met. I’m trying to bring him over to this site.

I have a lot of trouble when coming off a lift though, especially the 6-person high speed. For some reason they sped it up even faster when we got off and that ****** rocketed me off and I fell quick and Kim rode right into my ***. It was numb for about 15mins and then just hurt like hell after that. My wrist was hurting to the point where it was tough to even stand up after strapping in so we did an easy green and then called it day with 3.5 hours left on our tickets out of 8 total. It was a
great day. Oh, my beanie wasn’t long enough to cover my ears even though it hasn’t been a problem in the past, but my ears were freezing since it was well under 20F that day. I bought a new beanie at their shop for $20 😮 I wasn’t happy, but $20 is a lot better than frost-bitten ear lobes 😆

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