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6:15pm Update! We’ve still been seeing some snow squalls that have added to the snowtotals and right now we are seeing light snow.  Several people have emailed and posted on the messageboard wanting to see some photos during the storm.  We are posting many right now under each of the ski resorts as On-Snow Reporters send them in, and you can ALWAYS see ALL of this season’s best photos by scrolling to the bottom of the first page article and clicking on Archived Photos of the Day.  Click here to see some photos from the storm – Look under Assorted Images!

4:13pm Update! Snow has continued to fall ALL day with much of it being heavy snow!  We have had several reports coming in that are telling of 14" of snow towards the Tennessee line.  Beech is reporting 13-14" of snow and we are seeing about 9-10" here with heavy snow still falling!  Snow squalls have made for some heavy snow on and off all day.  Forecasters are now calling for these squalls to continue into the night and some snow will still be falling into Monday.  Now forecasters are saying that snow totals along the highest elevations could be as much as 10-20" in some areas.  Most of the heavy snow has fallen west and through Newland and Beech Mountain areas.  Areas further east into Boone and Blowing Rock are seeing somewhat less.  Stay tuned!

9:45am Update! These snow squalls are unreal! Periods of HEAVY SNOW are falling and adding to the snow totals. We are at about 8" here and other areas are certainly going to be reporting in excess of 13"… MAN IT IS SNOWING HARD as of this very moment!

9:14am Update!  MAN IS IT SNOWING HARD RIGHT NOW!  This is the hardest it has snowed this season!  We have 7-12" being reported and this will add to that if it keeps up!

The big news is that the snowstorm of yesterday didn’t turn out to be a bust! Saturday’s snowstorm was forecasted to be HUGE as meteorologist were blasting the airwaves and emailing us that it would be one that we’d remember for years.

Welllll…not so fast! By about 2pm yesterday afternoon most areas around my neck of the woods (Banner Elk) had not seen more than about 4”. We drove over to Sugar and measured and they had not seen more than about 3”.  People were emailing us and messageboard posts were being posted about the “Bust of the Season” and even late last night there wasn’t that much to brag about as areas had only picked up a little more snow.

That was then and NOW this morning we have about 6-7” of snow in my neighborhood and 10-12” of snow is being accurately reported around Beech Mountain .  Areas around Sugar Mountains and Banner Elk have picked up nearly ten inches of snow.

Joey Bowman of the messageboard – put a smile on that face dude, it wasn’t a bust after all – just a little slow in coming! National Weather Service forecasters kept updating the forecast as the day wore on downsizing what was expected and we could see on the variety of radars that the moisture was being held back by our ridge of mountains and that moisture was being funneled further up the Appalalachians.  Then overnight, the ridge along the Tennessee line finally couldn’t hold it back any longer and yahoo we have some good snowfall!

Forecasters are now saying to expect up to 4-6” MORE snow with some isolated heavier snow squalls in the High Country.  Many areas are reporting substantially less snow.  Appalachian is only reporting 2-3”.  We were down that way last night and they’d received substantially less than areas toward Banner Elk and Newland.

We’re going to save you guys some time this morning by just reporting some snow totals and quick comments where warranted…however suffice to say that no matter where you plan to ski today – conditions will be MARVELOUS!

Appalachian did not make snow but plans to tonight.  They received 3” of snow in the last 24 hours.

Cataloochee received 8” of new snow as of 9pm last night and we’re certain there’s more!  The Cat Crew is out there today we believe.  Day skiing only at the Cat today.

Hawksnest is reporting 8” of snow since Friday night and remember TOP GUN is open with all of that powder!

Sapphire Valley – My men at Sapphire have gotten back to reporting (thanks RJ!) and for good reason – it’s snowing!  They reported in at 3:30am this morning with 6” so far and more is falling.

Ski Beech is reporting 10-12” of new snow.  Two On-Snow Reporters who live on Beech are reporting 12”.  That will make for awesome riding today!  Get us some photos!  The Oz Run isn’t open just yet but is HAS to be soon!

Wolf Laurel is reporting all lifts open, call ahead if you’re in doubt.  They are also reporting 6” of new snow!  Great conditions!

Conditions will be EPIC!!! Today no matter where you go.  Have fun and send us some photos!

Until Next Time!

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