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This weekend was a true southeast ski weekend, weather-wise. This includes sunshine, rain, fog, wintry mix, etc. . . sometimes all at the same time. I always wonder what a transplant from somewhere in Sunny Southern California thinks of when they move to the southeast. What’s the saying by Mark Twain . . . “if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes”.

I got out to Wolf Ridge on Saturday. Meet up with my buddy George who is an all-around good guy, and works at Wolf. A jack-of-all trades who teaches skiing, and is always the first to jump in and help “a man down” on the slopes . . . thanks for all you do at Wolf, George!

Sunday, I took some runs with my bud Lecky Haller at Cataloochee. Lecky is the coach of the ski team at The Asheville School and a 2-time Whitewater Olympian in the C2. We ripped it up on the slopes just before it started to rain . . . and it was good! Thanks for the runs . . . and thanks for coaching/mentoring those future ski olympians!

This work week looks like a mixed bag of weather as some nights look ‘iffy’ for snowmaking. The day time highs will be a little warmer than average, but not bad.

Get some mid-week runs in before the crowds arrive this weekend!

WV is going to get some snow this week . . . The question is how much?

  • Canaan Valley: 1.1″ overnight. David Lesher mentions, “Light snow changed to rain overnight as temperatures crept above freezing”.
      • On natural snow this week . . . “The forecast appears to have several chances for snow throughout the week, with WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY looking to be our best opportunities for the white stuff.”
      • On snowmaking potential . . . “There will also be multiple snowmaking windows throughotu the week, and we will take every opportunity available to prepare for the upcoming weekend.”
      • The epic saga continues . . .

  • Snowshoe: 
    • Weather-wise . . . “Some lingering rain showers are possible this morning, but once those move out it’s going to be a fairly nice day on the mountain.”
    • Groomed 51 out of 60 runs. Glades can’t be groomed, so really they groomed a remarkable 51 of 56 . . . “Hats off to our team of groomers and snowmakers for working their magic and getting the mountain in fantastic shape for us today.”
    • Widowmaker (advanced) has a delayed opening today.
  • Winterplace: 
    • Forecast: Cloudy with off an on showers. Dress in layers so you are comfortable and it should be a great day to be on the slopes.
    • 25 (of 27) runs and 6 lifts open on a 30-54″ Granular, loose granular and variable base.
    • Good proportion! . . . 25/6 = 4.16 runs per lift.
  • Timberline: not reporting . . . Here were their stats from yesterday:
    • 8 runs and 1 lift open on a 14-48″ groomed base.
    • 1.1″ new snowfall overnight. High of 41F today

NC is going to be a bit moisture-laden this week.

  • App: 100% open.
    • New Terrain Park update . . . “All terrain parks are open with a variety of features. Features include waterfall rail, c-box, DFD (down-flat-down) rail, flat rail, flat box, flat-down pills and small jumps.”
    • Great proportion! . . . 12(runs)/6(lifts) = 2 runs per lift
  • Beech: 
    • Announced their upcoming Retro 80’s Ski Weekend . . . Always a hoot!
    • 13 runs on a 36-70″ PACKED POWDER / GROOMED base.
  • Cataloochee: “Start your week off right . . . don’t let the drizzle keep you away!”
    • “We have plenty of snow and are open on all 18 slopes with a base of 71-105″ and a groomed surface”.
  • Your beer googles aren’t on, silly . . . it’s just a little harmless drizzle on the cam
  • Wolf: 10 runs and 3 lifts on a 49″ loose granular base.
    • I was there on Saturday, and there WERE a couple of terrain park features at the bottom of (intermediate) Lower Streak. Those included a box, corrugated pvc, and a corrugated pvc with a bonk.
  • Sapphire Valley:
    • Open on 2 runs with 3 lifts on a 26-67″ groomed base.
    • Best proportion! . . . No lift lines ever with 3 lifts and 2 runs!

VA saw some “trace” last night . . . gearing up for the big weekend ahead

  • Massanutten: 100% Open.
    • “Trace of new snow and sleet overnight, mixed precip this morning. Highs today in the mid 30s.”
    • Rebuilding the terrain park . . . “Pacesetter will be delayed opening today.” CMB still open
    • “Monday Night Madness tonight – $20 Slope-Use, $20 equipment rental and a FREE beginner lesson starting at 3:45pm.”
  • Wintergreen: 100% Open.
    • “We’re getting ready for a big holiday weekend and we’re starting early on Thursday with our annual Powder of Love Valentine’s Day celebration.”
      • “The highlight is chairlift speed dating. Break away from the Lonely Hearts Club and make your chairlift connection on the Blue Ridge Express. If you click, make it a downhill date, become powder pals with binding connections! Cupid will be on hand for those who need help.”
  • Bryce: 100% Open (terrain).
      • Latest update from Bryce was last week . . . does this mean their terrain park is still set up!?!?

  • Homestead: Open 9-4:30 on 8 runs and 2 lifts.
    • “Hi Mike, Jeff Kelly (a member of our ski patrol) took this picture this morning! . . .
Homestead: rising above the clouds this morning

Wisp picked up “trace” overnight . . . has some light snow in their forecast today

  • Wisp: “Snow and freezing rain before 8am, then rain and snow between 8am and noon, then rain after noon. High near 36 . . . Total daytime snow accumulation of less than a half inch possible.”
    • 27 runs open (Groomed on 23).
    • Central Park and Lower Boulder Park . . . “Open with limited features”

Ober MIGHT see snowmaking weather on Tuesday night

  • Ober: “Good morning Tennessee!  Slopes are open from Noon-10pm, Grizzly, Ober Chute, Yeti’s Run, Upper Bear, Lower Bear, Mogul Ridge, Cub Way, Castle, Ski School All open with a 25-40″ base. Slopes are all groomed except for Mogul.”
    • In addition . . . “Cubbie’s Snow Zone is open daily for those who would like to play in the snow, 10am-5pm!  $5 ticket to enter.”

That’s all for today.

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