“Don’t Give Up On Winter!”

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Last night we saw our first shot of good news in a while, as Canaan, Snowshoe, and T-Line were able to turn the snowguns on. This is encouraging news as we have been in a bit of a lull, weather-wise, for quite sometime now. Traditionally, January is bomb-proof for ski resorts (even in the southeast) as it is the coldest month of the year.

We certainly have had one ingredient for a good winter . . . MOISTURE. But we are still awaiting the other ingredient . . . COLD AIR. That blend looks to be coming together, albeit briefly, in mountains of North Carolina tonight.

Overall, WV had a pretty good night 

  • Canaan Resort: “We have been making snow for almost 24 hours!!! . . . Our snowmaking operation is now focused on Ramble, and we hope to open this slope in the near future.  B Slope also has been receiving a healthy dose of the white gold.” Today they are open on 19 runs and 3 lifts.
  • Snowshoe Mountain: “With temps dropping into the mid twenties last night our snowmaking team was able to fire up the guns and put some fresh snow out there for us! Conditions today are expected to be a little damp in the afternoon, so make sure to grab some waterproof gear.”
  • Winterplace: Wanted to share with you all a good beginners deal at Winterplace in honor of . . . Learn to Ski/Ride Month . Today they have 8 runs and 5 lifts open on a 14-34″ base.
  • Timberline: Closed today, but looks like they were able to turn on the snowguns last night.
    Getting back to a Winter Wonderland at T-Line


NC mountains will get some snow tonight beginning around 10pm!

  • Appalachian Ski Mountain: some snow expected tonight. Open on 9 runs and 5 lifts.
  • Beech Mountain: 1″ of snow expected tonight. Open until 10pm on 5 runs and 3 lifts. Tonight there is some live music at Beech Mountain Brewery from 7-10pm.
  • Cataloochee: some snow expected tonight. Cat had to trim out Upper Snowbird today . . . they are Open until 10pm on 9 runs and 5 lifts. Still a substantial 35-65″ base.
  • Ski Sapphire Valley: “Due to Warm, Wet Weather Ski Sapphire Valley is closed Friday . . . Please check back after 5pm for our Weekend Plans”.
  • Wolf Ridge: some snow expected tonight. Closed today, awaiting the return of cold air.

Didn’t quite get cold enough last night in VA for snow making

  • Bryce: No change in snow report . . . Open until 8:30pm on 7 runs and 3 lifts.
  • Massanutten: “The temps didn’t quite drop low enough for snowmaking but the snow did set up enough for the grooming team to do their magic.” Today is “College Days, $40 Slope-Use ticket for students with a valid ID.” Snow Tubing appears to be available as well.
  • Wintergreen: “Overnight our stellar snowgroomers were able to piece the slopes together and we’ll again open with 10 trails . . . Don’t Give Up On Winter! It’s been a roller coaster of winter temperatures but the warm spell will soon come to an end . . . “.  Wintergreen shared a good link to an article mentioning that the polar vortex is about to begin swooping down . . . Polar Vortex Splits
  • Omni Homestead: Closed today, awaiting cold air.

Wisp got ohhh so close to making some white gold last night. 

  • Wisp: Adds one run and one lift to their count. Two events at Wisp today . . . Hero’s day today for, “military, fire, police and rescue personnel (EMS).” In addition, it’s a Tap Takeover at the Alpine Bar (7-10pm). Event Details

Ober hangs on to a 6-10″ base . . . 

  • Ober: “Good morning! We are hanging on to our snow as long as possible to allow ski teaching and learning.” Gotta love the good attitude from Ober today. Snow Tubing sold out until Sunday, January 7th.

*Check out these parting shots from our own David McCue, as he had a “hoot ‘n hollerin'” good time at Canaan yesterday*

“Tele in the valley”
“no rain!”
“many paths down the mountain”
“new snowmaking had begun today and tonight will be in the twenties”

That’s all for today.

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