Cataloochee and Sugar are Going Strong

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I feel that we owe Cataloochee Ski Area and Sugar Mountain a great deal of our gratitude.  Just think (if you dare) what it would be like right now if these two Cataloochee Blowing Snowmountains were not open.  These two resorts are not only enabling us to get our fix, they are also helping to give further credence to the Southeast as a ski destination.   There are quite a few open resorts across the country at this point, but there are even more that are yet to open. Sugar Blowing Snow  For two of our ski areas to be included in with the distinguished group of mountains that are currently open is great publicity for the Southeast ski community and provides further proof that the Southeast is a player in the US ski market.

On to today’s news.  Winterplace is running a contest for free lift or snowtubing tickets.  Take a look at their Facebook page for the details, Valley has announced that they are targeting Saturday December 14 as their opening day.  Wintergreen has a pretty cool series running on their blog discussing the business of skiing and taking a deep dive into what it takes to cover a major ski resort with snow.  You can check it out here,

CORRECTION: The picture I had up earlier for Wintergreen was old – like last March old.  Sorry for the error.  Thank you Tim for bring this to my attention.


Cataloochee Ski Area

Cat is currently making snow and is reporting an 18-32 inch base, up 6 inches from yesterday’s report.  They are skiing on the same 4 runs as before; Lower Omigosh, Rabbit Hill, Easy Way, and Beginner's Luck, which are being supported by 2 lifts, Omigosh & Easy Way, along with 1 conveyor on Beginner’s Luck.

Sugar Mountain

Sugar is currently making snow and reporting an 8-32 inch base, up 2 inches from yesterday.  Sugar is also running with their same configuration, 2 slopes – Upper Flying Mile and Lower Flying Mile, with one lift going 3/4 of the way up the mountain.

Both mountains are going to see blue skies again today with temperatures hitting the low 40s at both Cataloochee and Sugar.  Great skiing once again.  Send me your pics and videos if you make it out today!

Tim Bahlke

Drop me an email at [email protected] to let me know what you think or with suggestions on what we could be doing better.

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