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Kenny is posting his usual FirsTrax column this morning and he’s mentioning the forecast for snow for later this week and into this weekend. However, I’m going on record to take credit for the REASON that snow has found it’s way into our forecast. The gist of this story is to say that “SNOW WOMEN ARE STRONGER THAN SNOW MEN”.

However before I get into that bit of silliness (or is it?) let me share Meteorologist Brad Panovich’s newest weather forecast video:

As you can see – Brad is talking about a few more days of mild temps and then a pretty significant pattern change that should allow for more winter storms to develop. He’s also talking about several days of snow in the forecast.

I’m here to tell you that SNOW didn’t show up in ANY forecast whether on Weather.com, my iPhone weather APP or Ray’s Weather until my youngest daughter decided to take “Frankie the Snowman” out of our yard. Call it superstition or some silly version of like wearing a winter “rally cap” – we’ve always put a snowman out in our yard for winter. It started back in 1992 (see the Blizzard of ’93) and we’ve done it since. The snow creature was always a “snow girl” until ‘she’ finally gave way to the elements and slowly went on to wherever dilapidated snow creatures go. After a few sub-par winters when NO snow creature was displayed in our yard – we finally came up with the idea that ‘winter’ needed a little reminder and we constructed a new one. That was in 2011 and we named it “Frankie the Mamoose”.

Frankie served us pretty well although if you check the records for natural snowfall you’ll find that we’ve had sub-par natural snowfalls in all but ONE of the last four-plus seasons. Only during the 2012-2013 season did we have NORMAL snowfall totals.

After a poor start to this season in terms of natural snowfall and cold temps – my youngest daughters began to blame “Frankie” and they have threatened on more than one occasion to “get rid” of him. This past weekend, my youngest daughter took it upon herself to pull Frankie up and take him to the basement.

That afternoon SNOW started appearing in the long range forecast.

We’re closing in on the HALFWAY POINT in the season and desperate times call for desperate measures. NO, I’m not giving in to pagan practices. However I’m a sports nut and I wear the same shirts on game-days for some sports “Feng shui”. During telecasts when my favorite teams are playing, I’ve been known to threaten to duck tape friends and family who are talking about anything OTHER than the games as if my team can’t focus with all of the yapping going on.

So…with that in mind, we’ve decided to BURN Frankie tomorrow. Perhaps the ashes will dissipate into the sky like the ashes of Mount St Helens did back in 1980 and help to cool things down. Perhaps it will just be ridding ourselves of a piece of junk.

Regardless, we’re doing it tomorrow evening. I’ll videotape the proceedings and share them online. If that doesn’t work – we’ll be asking for some snow dances.

By the way, I’ll be working on crafting a NEW snow creature and THIS TIME it will be a snow girl. Fingers are crossed.


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