Black Friday Messed Up a Record Breaking Early November Traffic Day!

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As with some of the election day voting traffic – we’re still counting this morning and the truth is we will never know precisely how many of you guys tried to visit the website on Friday.  If you’re just coming on for the first time, we were attacked with traffic from those wanting to witness the first snows of the season via all of the LIVE CAMS on and from those awaiting the announcement that ski season is here.

After missing out on two-thirds of our day due to the fact that we could only deliver our web content to one out of every three who were trying to view the websites of:


…our admins finally were able to create what they called "web gardens" that made it possible for each website to fend for itself. Once that cool feat was accomplished we think we delivered 100% of the content for all but the HighCountryWebCams,com visitors for the remainder of the day on Friday.  We’re seeing 100% delivery of website content on all but the webcams this morning as evidently we’re being attacked by snow lovers across the entire region again this morning!

We’ll get those kinks out on Monday (I promise) but for now it looks like we are at least handling the skier visits and weather content dependably once again.

That said, two of my admin guys (who neither could give a flip about snow and snow sports) told me that we were on our way to perhaps pulling 400,000 unique visitors IF we were able to deliver the content to all. I am disappointed to say that we didn’t and according to our bean counters we saw a record November 5th visitation total of 56,318 unique visitors.

That is a far cry from 400,000+, however since we don’t have the Chicago Board of Elections working for us, we’re have to settle for what we KNOW we received and leave it at that! We’ve had a few 150,000+ visitor days that we’ve recorded but we’ll never know for certain "what could have been" as far as yesterday’s numbers.

We’re already seeing strong traffic again this morning so who knows maybe we’ll set a record that we can count today! By the way, I can tell you that it appears that the webcams website is getting the lion’s share of the visitors today so far and I’d expect some slow downs in traffic again today as snow is still falling. If you’re trying to get on that site and see some delays, we’ll get those highways flowing smoothly on Monday.

We’re still working with our communications team to cross promote all of the websites and we’re expecting an unbelievable response in terms of traffic for the season. Stay tuned…

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