August 31st and we finished with 22 Foggy Mornings. Now what?

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I know you guys always email me in late July reminding me or asking me if we are going to keep up with the foggy mornings in August. Each season we do just that – but I have to tell you that it’s kind of like the Groundhog Day flick as I wake each morning and tune in to the various webcams and check my emails for anything. This particular August had me thinking that I was stuck in a time-loop as more often than not, there was fog.

Click to enlarge if you like

That’s the case again this morning as I woke to an early morning app weather statement advising of dense fog.

As I ventured out, the fog was not as dense as I’ve seen it many times over the last couple of weeks, but indeed there was yet another morning of fog. It was thickest around the Broadstone Road (Valle Crucis turn) from Hwy 105 towards Boone. (That is the photo shared at the top of this story.)

Before I left home I also looked around the IPCAM app to see various shots from around the region. Snowshoe Mountain was clear as a bell – unusual for them especially at the top of their mountain.

Even the normally foggy Grandfather Mountain view camera was relatively clear. However, like I said, it was foggy from Foscoe to Boone. See below:

Click for an UGLY photo 😉

The prettiest shots from this morning were these below:

This is capture from the Brasstown Bald Camera this morning. Click to Enlarge.
This is capture from the Hibriten Mountain cam this morning. Click to Enlarge.
Here’s another shot from a bit earlier as the sun was coming up. Click to Enlarge!

That’s going to wrap it up for us in terms of foggy morning updates. As close as I can tell, I think I shared 70 photos throughout this month. Most were relatively (and hopefully understandably) crappy photos as fog doesn’t make for awesome photography.

The nice photos were certainly those where the mountains rose out of the sea of clouds below. (Always a favorite of mine.)

I can add that this morning there was even more of a hint of the mountains “rusting up” a bit as the deep shades of green take on a bit of rust that signals that Autumn is just around the corner.

Some of our crew have put together some “what’s new” at the resorts content that we will now begin to share with you. So stay tuned for those stories. We will also catch you up with the latest, early, early predictions for the 2018-2019 winter weather forecast. I have already provided some hints that it does look more promising than most of the last few years in terms of more snow and more consistently cold temps. We should have some of that sort of information for you soon.

We have already begun hearing from several of our top ski resort partners who are placing their marketing plans for the season. You know who you guys are and we appreciate you!

Putting Out Feelers for Good, Snow-loving Writers…

I’ve been blessed to have some really good contributors to the website over the years. Joe Stevens, Kenny Griffin, David McCue and Brad Panovich (and myself) are all back for another year. Thanks to those guys. We’ll also occasionally hear from others on staff.

However, I wanted to put this out there for those of you who are reading our posts. If you have a love for these mountains. If you have a favorite ski area or two (or more) that you frequent a number of times throughout the season and you feel that you have something of value that you could add to our team in terms of writing…we’d like to hear from you.

Simply drop me an email and let’s talk. We’re hoping to take things up a peg again this season and perhaps YOU have something to add to our team.

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Here is the morning by morning report:

Totals: 22 for 31 – finished!
Aug 31: Patchy dense fog.
Aug 30: Pretty dense fog.
Aug 29: Light, patchy fog.
Aug 28: Dense fog in some areas, patchy fog in others.
Aug 27: Very foggy this morning. Dense fog.
 Aug 26: Pretty foggy. Patchy, but widespread.

If you want to see more “foggy shares” just click on any of the news stories of late…as some include some nice shots of nature, black bears and more.

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