August 18, 2022 August Fog

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We are at 14 fogs in August (out of 18) mornings.

I flew the drone again this foggy, Thursday morning. This was the heaviest fog I’ve witnessed so far in August. It was so dense this morning that I wondered if the video or photos would show anything other than a “gray out”. However, as the drone reached about 300′ up, it began to escape the low cloud/fog cover and revealed a nice view of Grandfather Mountain in the distance.

I took the drone up another 100′ and the effect was something like what you often see when flying in a commercial jet, flying above a heavy cloud bank. It was really cool. The drone was completely invisible from the ground, but provided some nice shots of the mountains.

Today’s heavy fog marked DAY 14 with fog out of the 18 days so far in August.

Check back for more soon.

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