Another New High-Speed Quad at Sugar Mountain Ski Resort isn’t the Only Upgrade


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The Oma’s Meadow chairlift— a high-speed, detachable, four-passenger— is the newest member to join Sugar Mountain Resort’s uphill transportation system.

The 2,225’ long Doppelmayr chairlift cuts travel time from nine minutes to just over two minutes and carries 2,400 passengers per hour from the lift’s base elevation of 4,451’ to its summit elevation of 4,915’.

Additionally, the new installation makes way for the reconfiguration and widening of the lower portion of the Oma’s Meadow slope, creating a comfortable and roomy loading experience and a clear path for bypassing skier and snowboarder traffic.

To improve the newcomers’ guest experience this winter, the Magic Carpet conveyor lift located at the base of the ski resort features a clear, UV-resistant Polycarbonate gallery enclosure which will shield skiers and snowboarders from winter weather and ensure consistent operation.

Sugar Mountain Resort wouldn’t be Sugar Mountain Resort without the consistent investment in snow making. This season even more snow will pour down on the slopes of Upper Flying Mile and Sugar Slalom and Oma’s Meadow. Six new fully automated SMI snow making machines join the already massive armada.

On the inside, the locker room, adjacent to the equipment rental shop has been refurbished with new, large and small, user-friendly, electronic lockers and coded with Sugar Mountain Resort slope names like Sugar Bear, Northridge, Big Birch, Boulder Dash, Cake Walk, and many others for easy direction and identification.

Growing and improving guests’ overall experience at Sugar Mountain Resort continues to lead the way.

Sugar Mountain Resort is North Carolina’s largest snow-sports resort providing the best skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, tubing, and snowshoeing experience possible.

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