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Gracious things look awesome across the region this morning! The ski areas are operating almost on “auto-pilot” as base depths have gone unchanged for the last few days. Tons of snow is blanketing every trail and conditions are simply awesome. Other than an added or dropped slope here and there, the resorts are just sitting back and enjoying the nice stretch of weather and conditions.

Snowmaking crews blanketed the resorts for most of the last month and not that temperatures have moderated, they can also sit back and enjoy a little down time…other than working the snow…grooming, maintaining, etc.

As I looked around the mountaintops this morning the temperatures ranged from a low of 34° at Massanutten Resort in Virginia to 48° at Ober Gatlinburg in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. Temps were pretty much around 40° at most locations. Someone emailed me that in “Famously Hot, Columbia, South Carolina” they are expecting 70° for a high today. Wow!

There’s so much to share today, I’m going into “random share mode”.

Check out our full SNOW REPORT for all the deets for each and every ski area in the region.

I had to chuckle a little as I explored the reports from around the region. My friend and fellow snow-marketing buddy, Joe Stevens posted Canaan Valley’s snow report at 4:45am this morning. If you look up “Early Bird” in the dictionary, there’s a photo of Joe.

By the way, the next earliest report nearly every day, comes in at around 6am. Many are not updated until 9am. No kidding!

Got Alexa? If So, Get All of the Ski Resort Snow Reports, Weather and More via SkiSoutheast!

I reported on this in Saturday’s post, as our own Kenny Griffin had submitted a skill to Amazon Alexa and they were impressed enough to include it and SkiSoutheast Snow Reports are now LIVE via Alexa.

Alexa is promoting the new skill by sharing, “Use this skill to get the latest snow report, current weather, and weather forecast for all of the ski resorts in the Southeast.”

Way to go Kenny!

If you have one, try saying, “Alexa, ask SkiSoutheast for Beech Mountain snow report”. You can do this for snow reports and weather for all 17 of the ski areas in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic. Pretty cool! That information is edited daily and pulled from our ski reporting.

Spreading Some Kudos…

I’ve shared content from and bragged on Canaan Valley’s Justin Harris for really stepping up Canaan’s game in terms of sharing news and videos from up there. The same should be said for Stone Bellomy and Tom Wagner of Winterplace Resort. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then how much is a video worth? I say, priceless.

Here’s the latest from Winterplace and Stone Bellomy:

While on Winterplace, Stone and Tom Wagner did a nice video promoting January Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. They only shared it on Facebook, but we pulled it and posted it here for you guys.

The video is pretty good if you’ve never visited a ski area and want to know how it goes when you go through the process of gearing up. I’m wondering if old Tom actually hit the slopes with a snowboard? Tom?

Stone Bellomy and Tom Wagner show us how to get geared up for first timers at a ski resort. Tom’s a skier who geared up for snowboarding and Stone is a boarder who was gearing up for skiing. Cool!


We get a lot of people emailing us asking about Snowmobiling and other on-snow activities at the resorts. The video at the beginning of this story shows some awesome RZR Tours that is available only at Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia. They also do snowmobiling tours. So once the lifts stop spinning in the Basin, it’s time to fire up the snowmobiles! Find out more about snowmobile tours and book yours today at the Depot in the Village.

Snowshoe Resort offers awesome RZR Tours of the mountain and back to the Backcountry Hut.


Omni Homestead Resort features Mini Snowmobiles are open 10:00 am – 12:00 pm, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Click to Enlarge

The Omni Homestead Resort is happy to welcome mini snowmobiles to the Mountain Lodge this year. Little ones are welcome to take a whirl around on snowmobiles made just for them.

Helmets provided
Children only (6-12)
120 lbs. max limit
10 minutes | $20

Huh? Wet Granular?

Wisp Resort is reporting Wet Granular conditions this morning – how do you make that mistake? It is not raining. They did not accidentally spray water through the snowguns. How does that happen? By the way, they have Groomed conditions. It MAY rain a little tonight or tomorrow…but the conditions are not wet yet.

Meet Some Bryce Resort Instructors…

Bryce Resort took a moment to introduce four of their team.

Beech Mountain Love….

Connie Newell posted this photo of the great time they had a Beech this weekend. She wrote, “We had 29 (people) from Fla and 4 from SC this year. Our family loves Ski Beech NC”.

Click to Enlarge!

Sugar Mountain Gets in On the Act

Click to Enlarge

“Coach Ferrell” posted:
Just wanted to say how awesome everything was yesterday. I spent the whole day at sugar and between the beautiful weather and the amount of powder through the whole mountain, it was literally one of the best days I’ve ever had at Sugar! I’ll be back in two weeks to shred it up again. Thanks again for having the best mountain in Boone! #skisugar


Here are Some Random Photo Posts…

Wintergreen Resort

Wintergreen is always seeing some nice sunrises! Click to Enlarge!

Appalachian Ski Mountain

A nice morning shot at Appalachian Ski Mountain this morning! Click to Enlarge!

Ober Gatlinburg! Awesome Photo!

Awesome Aerial Taken Over Ober Gatlinburg this week! Click to Enlarge!

Snow Only Melts at Appalachian…or….???

I haven’t had to discuss base depths on this website for years. It used to be a daily issue watching base-depth-marketing-numbers get posted. Yesterday I shared all of the base depths for each ski area and most seemed happy to post depths in the 4-45″ range. I look at base depths every day and over the last 24 hours only Appalachian Ski Mountain dropped their reported base depths by 6″. Everyone else stood pat. Was this more of a correction by App? Probs. Literally no other resort showed any change.

Late Winter, Early Spring Temperature Outlook: Colder Than Average in Parts of North, Warmer in South-Central U.S.

Since the weather gurus completely missed on the first half of the season, I’m going to pretty much ignore the latest forecast for the remaining weeks. According to most experts we should see NEAR NORMAL temperatures and precipitation. We’ll take that. Give me another 40-80″ of snow and some snowmaking temperatures and I’ll be a happy guy. How about you guys and gals?

We’re Not Just Tooting Our Own Horn. Others are for us!

It has been a GREAT season thus far here at SkiSoutheast-land. It seems that we’re on the news all the time these days. My skiMail inbox lights up every time we are featured on a television broadcast in your hometown. Evidently we were talked about via WBIR in Knoxville, Tennessee on Saturday because I received a few emails and texts. Thanks to their team for the rep!

We’re blessed to be featured regularly by dozens of the 110+ television station meteorologists in the Southeast and mid-Atlantic who use our content via and Among those are several of the top 100 television markets in the entire United States. Our buddies at The Weather Channel are awesome friends of our network of coverage. In addition to several top ranked Florida stations, these are the top television markets pushing SkiSoutheast and content.

#8 Atlanta
#9 Washington DC
#24 Charlotte

Everybody is Talking About Snow!

A GREAT season for the ski resorts is a great season for fans of the resorts…and that means that snow and fun is on the minds of everyone. The good vibes have translated into a 54.67% increase in our traffic so far this season. Our network of ski, webcams and weather has created more content delivery for all of our ski areas than ever. More content means more peeps. I just looked at some tracking data and pulls six times more traffic than our closest competition and we have YOU GUYS (our readers) to thank for that.

If you have anything to share (photos, videos, comments, questions), the best way is to email me at [email protected]

Also, be sure to join us on Instagram and Facebook and share your comments. Also, we invite you to check out our SnoForum (Messageboard) and JOIN FOR FREE and post your questions and meet fellow snow-loving friends.

Also, be sure to check out all of the LIVE CAMS at and our weather content – Brad’s Skier’s Forecast

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