This will be our 19th Season promoting and working with the ski resorts and the resort communities! We began a small ski website back in 1996 and that first season we were astonished when about 200 visitors a day began hitting that website.

Last season, even with the less-than-desired snow and cold temperatures, our Winter Advertising Campaign which consists of, (now with all of the LIVE ski cameras, and our Weather Websites received more than FIVE MILLION unique visitors.

With normal winter weather we are expecting far more and these are people who WILL be spending their money on skiing, snowboarding, lodging, dining, shopping and more.

If You Own a Business or Vacation Rental that is OPEN this Winter, We Can Send You More Traffic and Business Now!

If your business and/or business website could benefit from doing business with these people who are traveling here from all across the Southeast and Mid Atlantic THEN we have an amazing and very productive marketing campaign that will get these people to your door this winter!

* The DATA above reflects ONLY the ski and weather content. averaged 14,396 visitors per dayduring the 150 days of last ski season for 2,159,400 visitors! Added to the data table above, we saw more than 5 Million Visitors!

* The DATA above reflects the NEW website ALONG WITH the ski and weather content. More than one-half MILLION visitors came to our websites in JUST 38 days!

Noteworthy Data

If you own a business that is in close proximity to any of the ski resorts of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic, we’ve created a marketing network that WILL WORK FOR YOU!!

We have coordinated this marketing effort with several Chambers of Commerce and TDAs (Tourism and Development Authorities) in ways that are geared to attract visitors from all across the Southeastern and Mid Atlantic states that we ALL get most of our business from.

Highlights of this Campaign

  1. Resort Information about which ski area they want to visit.
  2. Slope Conditions, snow reports and Weather info.
  3. Lodging & Dining Information in close proximity.
  4. Ski equipment sales or rentals and any clothing needs.
  5. Other things to do and shopping ideas/choices while on their trip.
  6. We have more than 70 television stations FREELY promoting us
  7. In JUST the last month leading up to this ski season we have already seen more than 500,000 visitors!
  8. There is a LOT of pent up interest to visit the mountains this winter!

Bet you didn’t know!

2,245,000 people skied here in the Southeast last season! Those Two Million Skiers made and our WebCam and Weather Network THEIR Most Visited Website during the period from Sept 1, 2011 through April 1, 2012!

  • 1,898,731 Visitors came to!
  • 2,445,186 Visitors came to (now!
  • 726,994 Visitors came to our and related community weather websites!
  • That’s 5,224,792 Visitors Total!
  • Those Five Million Visitors looked at 44,681,845 Pages of Content!

All the Information Visitors Want; Including YOUR Business Information in ONE Location; Usually within two clicks!

Resort Information

They will either be looking to choose the resort that they want to visit or looking for discounts and information about the resort they are already hoping/planning to visit.

Lodging Information

Once they’ve decided where to visit, they will be looking for lodging deals, cabin rentals, hotels and motels close by and more!

Equipment Rentals

Most don’t own their own equipment so many will be researching whether to rent their ski and snowboarding equipment close to the resort. They will need clothing, gloves, goggles, etc.

Travel / Trip Planning

Most visitors are now researching “where to dine, shop, visit” and other excursions related to their trip destination right on the internet.

Snow Reports & Weather

Winter weather has always been unpredictable and travelers have now come to understand that there are many resources available to them to better “time” their ski getaways with good weather and ski conditions. Let’s face it, nobody wants to invest their hard-earned money to visit during rainstorms and bad conditions. Our three pronged network of ski news and events, Live WebCams (on the slopes and on the roadways) and our Weather content is SECOND TO NONE.

There is NO OTHER resource on the internet that provides visitors with all of this information in one place and we can drive those visitors to YOU!