SkiSoutheast is THE ONLY information source in the country that is providing daily updated (accurate) ski conditions, LIVE Webcams showing the slopes, road conditions and more for all of the ski resorts of Maryland, West Virginia, Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina.

This year, we are excited to announce the strategic partnerships between and many television and radio stations in NINE southeastern states. Simply put, our partnership is making it possible for MILLIONS of people to see and hear about skiing in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic region! Yes, MILLIONS.

If you are a radio or television outlet and have already “signed on” with us, then we thank you for your participation.

What’s involved? Simply this. Many television stations in the Southeast like to keep their viewers aware of what’s happening in the mountains during the winter. Often, during weather reports, meteorologists will finish their report and then give a quick report on the conditions at ski resorts within close proximity to their television viewing audience as a service to their viewers.

We have LIVE views of many of the resorts and television stations are welcome to use those images FREE, as well as any of our PHOTOS OF THE DAY, which we post daily!

Many stations use these images and live shots, and then show them onscreen with a quick report—something like, “Here’s a live view up at Ski Beech on Beech Mountain” (or whichever resort is closest or of the most interest to your viewers)—and follow with a statement of what conditions may be like. All of our content, data and images are FREE to use and all that we ask is that you make some supportive comment such as, “These images and this information is brought to us by our friends at You can get this and all the information you need at their website.”

That’s all we ask—that you mention us as the source for the information. Some stations have even shown our logo onscreen, and while that is wonderful, it is not required. We are appreciative of all of the publicity that you can provide us and we are blessed to have more than 60 television stations in several Southeast and Mid-Atlantic states.

Thanks to the meteorologists of various stations in North Carolina, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland who have given us supportive mentions. Thanks to Jim Cantore and Paul Goodloe of The Weather Channel, and Joe Stevens of The Media Center in Charleston, West Virginia for their publicity.

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