A Warm, Wet Start To The Week Hasn’t Stopped The Fun

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Sometimes Ma Nature throws a curveball, but Snowshoe Mountain is still hitting the ball out of the park.

The weather the past few days has been less ideal for resorts, especially when it comes to the holiday week, but the resorts have done a fantastic job of delivering.

Thankfully, the resorts are going to get some help from Ma Nature over the coming days.

Josh Sullivan had a great look at how things are set up this morning as well as a glance at what is to come over the next couple of days with this morning’s First Trax.

I am lucky to be a part of the Ski Southeast contingent calling Snowshoe home this week, and it has been a blast so far despite the wet start to the week.

One of the things that we get asked all the time when the forecast looks iffy is “Should we cancel our trip” or “Is there anything to do when it is raining”, and a lot of fun can still be had despite rainy weather.

Despite the underdeveloped snow (aka rain) yesterday as well as the previous couple of days, the snow was really playful with pretty solid coverage, and today was more of the same. It was great conditions to get my six-year-old on the snow for his first turns ever (and I think he may be hooked).

All-in-all, a huge kudos to the Snowshoe Mountain ops crew (as well as every other resort’s mountain op crews) for making the best of the rainy situation the past few days have thrown at them.

With the rain, we also took advantage of a couple of other activities here at the ‘Shoe that we might not have otherwise, and have had a blast. The Split Rocks pool is a great place to unwind or in our case let our kindergartener run wild, and cosmic tubing was also awesome despite a persistent light rain on Wednesday night.

I was surprised with how light the crowds were on Tuesday and Wednesday, but today was a lot busier at 4848’. However, the Snowshoe staff (from lifties and lifeguards to The Depot and restaurant staff) has been nothing short of incredible.

My crew along with Kenny Griffin will be calling Snowshoe home for a few more days so if you are around and see us, please don’t hesitate to say hello. We (along with Mike and his crew at Timberline) will also be bringing more content on social media as well as on our Discord Channel – which is pretty cool and you should check it out.

That does it for now, but be sure to #ThinkSnow!

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