A Beautiful Saturday in Store for you!

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It is a BEAUTIFUL, FROSTY cold morning here in the mountains and if you made the trip up for the weekend you are going to be ONE HAPPY CAMPER! The skies are already crystal blue and temps are going to be perfect for skiing and riding today. Pretty much every resort is showing temps in the upper teens to low 20s this morning and with forecasted highs expected near 40° this will be a great day to be on the slopes.

All of the resorts made snow overnight…that is except for Sapphire Valley which has called it quits for the season! That marks the first ski area to close for the 2004-2005 season. The announcement was not a total surprise as they have had to fight borderline temps down there all season long.

The rest of the resorts are in GREAT shape for skiing or riding today. GREAT shape. Not spring skiing shape…but nice, firm, fresh manmade powder…and groomed conditions.

MORE COLD WEATHER AND SNOW, MIX and Lord knows what else is in the forecast beginning Sunday evening so keep your fingers crossed for some SWEET SNOW from this next storm that is approaching. We have winter weather in the forecast for MOST of this next week!

SkiNC Summit – The guys and gals of the messageboard are meeting at Hawksnest Resort this morning to put a face where previously only board names existed. As of the last count, it sounded like about 25-30 people were organized to meet this morning at Hawksnest and the management at Hawksnest was cool enough to give these guys a great discount on skiing today. Some mysterious benefactor kicked in additional savings and they are meeting this morning. If you just want to meet some fellow SkiNC snowlovers get on over to Hawksnest this morning (or anytime during the day session) and meet some new friends.

We think these guys have a great idea here…and we’ll get involved next season to make this an annual event and provide some added organization and fun.

Ski Areas making some noise about staying open longer than normal? – With Sapphire closing that’s the question of the last couple of days. "When will the resorts close up?"

We don’t have anything official just yet and we will try to compile a resort-specific report for you in the next day or so…but the consensus seems to be that the resorts will carry on "business as usual" with normal end of the season scheduling as they did last season. Some have wondered whether the roller coaster season and below-normal-numbers this season might prompt resorts to stay open longer this season. Don’t expect those resorts that were already scheduled to ski through the end of March to extend their seasons. The end of March is still their target date. Ski Beech is making some noise like they might go longer than their normal March 15th or so. March 20th is a Sunday and that seems to be a logical "normal" closing date for Beech…but if the conditions are right (good snow and GOOD TRAFFIC) you might see them extend for one more week.

It’s getting late this morning…so I’m going to stop here…and go enjoy this beautiful day in the mountains. If you’re not here today – YOU SHOULD BE! If you live in these beautiful mountains—this is what it’s all about.

See you on the slopes!

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