The Snows Coming – We’re Feeling Great Today – Let’s Give Away Some Lift Passes!


Whew, we got busy and have not been able to update this post and we’re being blasted with emails…and we forgot to post the email address in the story!

We actually had to give away a few more to round some numbers off and we have emailed all of the winners shown below.  If you didn’t win…keep watching as we will give away another batch early next week!

You will notice a lot of our messageboard crowd were winners.  We posted the contest there as well and those guys are on this site a lot. We ended up giving away (102) free tickets today for a total value of over $4500!!!

Rodney Hartsell of Newport, TN  I have to tell you dude, that we had already given away our promised allotment today, but the way YOU asked for ONE ticket to Ski Beech when some people asked for 5,6, and 7…just made us feel good, so your ONE ticket to Ski Beech is in the mail along with some stickers.

We gave away what people asked for when we could and first come, first served and here were the winners.  Please stop emailing! We’ll give away more Monday or Tuesday.

Kendall Clark of Newport, TN – 2 tix to Wolf, 2 tix to Beech
Gresham Barker of Greenville, SC – 2 tix to Beech
CB Koontz of Charlotte, NC – 1 ticket to Beech, 2 tix to Cataloochee
Daphne Nessler of Central, SC – 2 tix to Wolf Laurel
Matt Blacky of Charlotte, NC – 2 tix to Wolf Laurel, 2 tix to Ski Beech
Dave McConnell of Seymore, Tn – 2 tix to Ski Beech, 2 tix to Wolf Laurel
Thomas Bynum of Dunwoody, GA – 5 tix to Wolf Laurel
Joel Maners of Jackson, TN – 4 tix to Cataloochee
Rick Bowen of Atlanta, GA – 2 tix to Cataloochee
Bill McEntire of West Columbia, SC – 2 tix to Ski Beech
Kirk Wanamaker of McMinnville, TN – 4 tix to Ski Beech
Nick Weir of Winston-Salem, NC – 4 tix to Ski Beech
Jasen Vioral of Cornelius, NC – 2 tix to Ski Beech
Greg Presnell of Knoxville, TN – 4 tix to Hawksnest
Adam Tucker of Greensboro, NC – 2 tix to Hawksnest
Bill Beach of Greenville, NC – 3 tix to Hawksnest
Hubert Baxter of Tallahassee, FL – 6 tix to Cataloochee
Alex Jacobsen of Hendersonville, TN – 4 tix to Cataloochee
Dennis Campbell of Duluth, GA – 2 tix to Wolf Laurel
Greg Dobson of Johnson City, TN – 3 tix to Wolf Laurel
Tom Williams of Penrose, NC – 2 tix to Wolf Laurel
Kent Welke of Duncan, SC – 2 tix to Cataloochee
Enger McCartney Smith of Charlotte, NC – 5 tix to Wolf Laurel
Rodney Hartsell of Newport, TN – ONE ticket to Ski Beech
Tim Lamie of Abingdon, VA – 3 tix to Hawksnest
Brad Eudy of Concord, NC – 2 tix to Hawksnest
Joey Edgemon of Kingston, TN – 3 tix to Cataloochee
Gary Shrum of Cornelius, NC – 2 tix to Wolf Laurel
Rob Nunnery of Asheville, NC – 2 tix to Wolf Laurel
J. Phillip Murphy of Columbia, SC – 4 tix to Wolf Laurel
Brandon Andrews of Marietta, GA – 5 tix to Wolf Laurel
Tyler Yarnell of Cayce, SC – 3 tix to Wolf Laurel
Nick Younts of Denver, NC – 2 tix to Wolf Laurel

Here’s what got it all started

We are feeling unusually full of ourselves here at SkiNC and SkiSoutheast today.

It’s mid February and although we have given a ton of free skiing away this season…we’re going to give a ton of free tickets away TODAY alone.  To get them all you have to do is ask.  Instead of doing a drawing, we’re going to take them in the order we get them today.  All you have to do is:

Tell us how many tickets you want, which resort you want, your mailing address so we can mail them out today AND YOU MUST USE THESE PASSES BEFORE THE RESORTS IN QUESTION CLOSE THIS SEASON.  Please don’t enter this giveaway unless you will use them.

We have (40) FREE PASSES to give away for Wolf Laurel
We have (7) FREE PASSES to give away for Hawksnest
We have (20) FREE PASSES to give away for Cataloochee
We have (20) FREE PASSES to give away for Ski Beech

That is more than $3000 worth of free skiing that we are giving away today!  First come, first served.  Just promise you will use them…we don’t want any to go to waste.

If you don’t win today, keep checking back because we have a TON MORE to give away and we’ll probably give those away over the next few days into next week.  We have tons of passes left to give away here in North Carolina, but also for the Virginia resorts. 

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