Cat & Sugar Back in Business

Cat & Sugar Back in Business

After a three-day hiatus, Cataloochee and Sugar are back in business. Both resorts waited patiently for the temperatures to drop low enough to resume snow making and reopen the slopes. Today marks their 12th day of their intermittent seasons.

Cat looks pretty good this morning >>

Cat is open today from 9 to 4:30 with skiing from midstation down on Lower Omigosh and Rabbit Hill. Lift tickets are $30; however the same deal applies today – Cat will issue a full refund to any guest unhappy with the conditions after one run. They’re reporting a base of 6" to 12".

<< Sugar’s looking solid, too

Sugar is open for day skiing and riding on two slopes. It’s $30 for a full day and $25 for a half day. They’re reporting a base of 6" to 24" with a surface of manmade powder and frozen granular.

The question is how long will they be able to remain open. The weather forecast for Sugar’s area shows lower than normal temperatures with lows in the high 20s. Cat’s forecast shows a slight rise in the daytime temps over the next few days with the low lingering around 31 degrees. I’d have to say, I think they’ll both be able to maintain snowmaking ops, at least for as far out as the weather eye can see at this time.

With the level of uncertainty, there’s no better time than the present to get out there and enjoy the manmade powder. Sure, as the snow builds and spreads, the number of trails and lifts rise, but so do the prices. You can’t beat $30 for a day on the snow.

<< You could be there @ Cat 

For those of you who wouldn’t stay away even if the base was 1" to 3" and the price was $50, we know we can count on you. Be sure to send us your trip reports – either via the message board or email. We’d love to hear about your pre-season turns and see pictures from the day. Not only that, but we may just feature you one morning 😉 if you’d like!

Just a couple more days and we could have another resort joining the ranks – App has been hoping to open on Friday, but we’ll see — I haven’t heard a peep about it! I don’t know about you but I can hardly wait for them ALL to be open, where my days are filled with everything ski.

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