Wisp Ski Area

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Wisp Ski Area is the best place to Ski in MD and, as a four season vacation destination along the Mid-Atlantic, Wisp Mountain Resort is a fantastic place to escape for other types of vacations including golf, fly fishing and mountain getaways. Located in Garret County MD high atop Marsh Mountain, Wisp Ski Area and Wisp Mountain Resort rests high above Maryland’s largest inland lake, Deep Creek Lake. Deep Creek Lake Wisp Ski Resort is one of the most beautiful resorts on the east coast and it is just a short drive away from metropolitan cities like Washington DC, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and areas in West Virginia. Read on to find out about the new changes happening at Wisp Ski Area and plan to Snow Ski in Maryland this winter! If skiing is not for you, try Deep Creek Snowboarding or even Deep Creek Snow Tubing as Wisp Ski Area has state-of-the-art snowboarding facilities and some exciting tubing runs.

Wisp Ski Area offers McHenry MD Skiing, and is a place to Ski in MD that receives, on average, upwards of 100 inches of natural Garrett County Snowfall. In seasons that have passed the Garrett County Snowfall records have lingered around 120 inches! That’s about 10 feet of natural snow per year that falls on the 32 different trails and slopes that are carved out of the majestic mountain at Deep Creek Lake Wisp Ski Resort! Do not miss your opportunity to Ski in MD at one of the oldest yet fastest growing resorts, Wisp Ski Area.

The longest trail at Wisp Ski Area is the Possum Trail, coming in at just over a mile and a half long while other trails like black diamond’s Squirrel Cage and The Face are generally the most popular trails. Even though Wisp Ski Area is ideal for beginners and intermediate level skiers looking to improve their skills, Wisp Ski Area is a remarkable place for advanced and expert level skiers as more than a third of the trails and runs are marked for those with skills in the upper advanced levels. You will want to check out the new area of North Camp, which opened during the 05’/06′ Wisp Ski Area ski season and features 10 new slopes; one that has the longest vertical drop at Wisp Ski Area at 700 feet!

Featuring a number of different lodging and accommodation options, Wisp Ski Area is quickly becoming one of the best spots to go for a ski getaway. Browse our site to find information on Wisp Ski Resort specials and affordable Deep Creek Ski Rentals. We have included tons of helpful content about Wisp Ski Resort, including information about Cabin Rentals and Log Home Rentals at Wisp Mountain, Deep Creek Skiing, Deep Creek Snowboarding and even Deep Creek Snow Tubing. Also, you can find stats and up-to-date current conditions on the Garrett County Snow Report.

Looking for information on Wisp Ski Area or on things like Deep Creek Snowboarding, Deep Creek Snow Tubing, the Wisp MD Mountain Coaster, Log Home Rentals at Wisp Mountain, or Wisp MD Cabins? Browse the information related to Wisp Mountain Resort. Looking for other top spots to ski around the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic? Check out information on West Virginia Skiing and Canaan Valley WV Skiing, Davis WV Skiing, Snowshoe Ski Resort, and the other fine WV Ski Resorts, or check out resorts in places like Tennessee and North Carolina. SkiSoutheast.com provides helpful information and promotional advertising for the Southeastern ski industries and even covers information on the Ski Resort in Alabama!

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