Winter Weather Advisories for North Carolina Ski Resorts

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Just about all of the North Carolina ski resorts have been issued a Winter Weather Advisory starting at 6pm tonight and going to 12pm on Friday.  The advisory is for snow, sleet, and ice.  An accumulation of 1-3 inches is expected.  Our friends over at Local Yokel Weather have a good post up this morning describing the details of the system and its potential impact.  You can check it out here.

The Weather Channel is also talking about it this morning and you can check out their take below.

Weather Channel Forecast

Other than the Alerts, it’s a pretty quiet morning out there.  The resorts are kinda just hunkering down, waiting for the weekend festivities, and hoping for a little of Mother Nature’s intervention.  We do have a few base changes to share.  Appalachian Ski Mountain lost 1-2” of base in the past 24 hours, but still has plenty at 39-80”. 

Terrain crew is busy at Appalachian Ski Mountain
The App Crew working on one of the Terrain Parks

Catalooche has a 57-87” base which is down about 2” from yesterday’s update.  Finally, Sugar is down 1-3” to 33-83”.  Still plenty of snow out there, but a couple inches of natural snow sure would help.

View from Top of Sugar Mountain Ski Resort
I love the view of the mountains from Sugar’s new summit cam.

Massanutten is the big news maker for today.  Mass started their late season rates this past Monday.  Here’s their pricing for the remainder of the season.

Massanutten Late Season Ski Prices              

Now, the really big announcement is that Jason Seal, Massanutten snowmaker since 2003, has been nominated for Snowmaker of the Year by Ski Area Management Magazine.  Check out his write up in SAM Magazine.  Congratulations to Jason and Massanutten.  You guys have my vote!

Great Conditions at Massanutten Ski Resort
Some of Jason’s magnificent work.

As you head out today you will see some cloud cover as the front that is to cause the wintery mix starts moving into the area.  Even though West Virginia and Virginia do not have alerts, they still have a chance of snow starting tonight.  We’ll just have to see how that plays out.  If you read or watched the weather from the links above, you know that there is still a little bit of a question as to when exactly it will hit and with what outcome – the moving parts have to come together just so.

That’s about it for me this morning, but before I go I want to leave you with one more pic.  I just can’t help it, the mountains are so beautiful.

View from the Top of Beech Mountain Ski Resort
The view from Beech this morning

I can’t get enough, just look how magnificent the mountains are this morning  – LOOK AT IT!

Take Care!

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