What the Published Season Passes Look Like Today

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Hello Skiers and Riders of the Southeast, and happy summer!

I am almost certain that snow covered activities are a backburner afterthought for a vast majority of us right now, but the time seems to be flying by very quickly this offseason.  Soon enough we will be bundled up and making turns again.

It should be noted that as the sands of the hourglass slip through, we find ourselves in a different situation that keeps sliding too, and that is regarding the state of the economy.

Simply put, the All-Mighty-Dollar is strained to limits that have not been around for decades. That holds true for other currencies world-wide unfortunately, and that sadly means is that we are not alone.

Nonetheless, IF you have enough foresight and finical freedom, then now is the ideal time to look at a season pass purchase, assuming that is the route you like to take.  Season passes are the best bang for your buck, especially if you are bagging multiple ski days in each year.  There are numerous options out there, and it can be somewhat overwhelming at times, but fortunately for you I have complied most of that information into the charts below.

All of this knowledge was pulled from the resort’s individual websites, and I have provided those links at the bottom of this report.

Please note that these costs appear to be the maximum amounts you could face, and the individual adult that is not of senior age was the standard basis for most of this.

Also, there are other passes such as the INDY and IKON which are associated with a few of our resorts, but those figures are not reflected here.

Published Season Pass Rates

Again, these are the maximum rates that I could find.  It is interesting that Beech and Wolf Ridge have not put their numbers out yet, but perhaps they will soon.

Extra Things to Consider

  • Appalachian Ski Mountain:
    • Their 5 X 7 Pass (5 days and 7 nights) is $500. They say it is valid ANY night session or non-holiday weekday day session.
    • Holidays are Nov 24 & 25, Dec 17-Jan 1, Jan 14-16, Feb 18-20
  • Cataloochee Ski Area:
    • Their Season-Limited-Pass for $615 which is valid any day except Saturday 8:30 AM to 5 PM.  Current price is $554 until October 31st.
    • They are part of the INDY Pass too.
  • Sugar Mountain Resort:
    • “First Family Member” which had no distinction on age or military status is currently $780 until October 17th at 4 PM E.S.T…  I guess they have that precise time set in their computer’s stone.
  • Ober Gatlinburg:
    • It appears that their passes are not on sale yet but will be so on September 2nd.
    • Everything is $100 less if you buy early between then and November 18th.
    • They are part of the INDY Pass too.
  • Canaan Valley Resort:
    • No mention of the WV residents discounted rate, which was available last season at $540 for adults, $310 for Junior, and $360 for Senior (60 to 69).
    • Seniors 70+ can get a pass for $50.
    • They are part of the INDY Pass too.
  • Snowshoe Mountain:
    • Season Pass costs are cheaper than last season, because a 2021-2022 Pass was $599 and is now listed at $549.
    • However, their Silver-Creek-Only Pass was $259 but went up to $269.
    • Silver-Creek-Only Pass allows access to the Basin & Western Territory Areas during value season when Silver Creek is closed. It does not grant access to either Snowshoe area during peak season.
    • They are part of the IKON Pass too.
  • Timberline Mountain:
    • They have multiple pass options that are named Gold, Silver, or Bronze.
    • Their wording for when the rates will jump is listed as “Rate Through Nov 1”
    • Gold Pass = Every Day with current price of $551 “Through November 1st” in which it bumps to $649.
    • Silver Pass = Weekdays with a current price of $424 “Through November 1st” in which it bumps to $499.
    • Bronze Pass = Valid ONE day per week, Monday through Friday only with a current price of $339 “Through November 1st” in which is bumps to $399.
  • Winterplace Ski Resort:
    • Season Passes for Adults is currently $449, and Juniors and Seniors is at $349 but they will go up September 1st.
    • They have a new product called the Wild Wonderful Pass for $79.00.  I have a chart made for this further on down.
    • They are part of the INDY Pass too.
  • Massanutten Resort:
    • Season Pass costs are cheaper than last season, because an Adult 2021-2022 Pass was $586 and is now listed at $495.
    • Same story for students because it was $551 and is now $420.
    • They also offer a Special Value Pass for $337 which are valid anytime Sunday – Friday (excluding December 24 – January 1).
    • The Special Value Pass is restricted until after 4 pm from December 24 – January 1 and on Saturdays in January and February.
    • They are part of the INDY Pass too.
  • Wintergreen AND Wisp Resorts:
    • Student is ages 6 to 22
    • Senior is ages 65 to 74
    • Honorary Ages (0 to 5 & 75+) can get a Season Pass
    • Current pass pricing is Tier 2 which is $479 for an Adult and is in effect until September 5th.
    • Tier 3 starts September 6th until October 10th and is $529 for an Adult.
    • They are both in a Sister Resort Program that also includes:
    • Access to each other for free usually, but some peak season and holiday dates will have a $59 charge.
    • Unlimited access to Powerhorn Resort in Colorado and Ragged Mountain Resort in New Hampshire
    • Access to Mt. Washington Alpine Resort in British Columbia in which the first seven days are free.
  • Bryce Resort:
    • Could not find their own seasons pass option, but they are part of the INDY Pass too.

What Are the Current Prices and When Will They Go Up?

As of today, July 14, 2022, this is what they cost now and what you can expect as we get closer to the 2022-2023 season:

Hopefully this is insightful and inspiring enough to get your pass purchases going.  The longer you wait the larger it will cost.

Winterplace’s Wild Wonderful Pass

As mentioned previously, there is a new product available, and I must say this concept is a good one for those who go roughly once or twice a month.  Winterplace has an unlimited pass option in which an upfront down payment of $79 applies, and then after that it is $25 off the window ticket price.  That strategy stretches out the payments into installments essentially instead of a one-time financial charge.

During my research I could not find their single day window ticket prices for the upcoming season, but last year they were going for $45 Monday through Friday and $66 on weekend and holidays.  So, the chart below shows what the all-in cost per ski day could be if we based that upon last year’s prices in the worst-case scenario of going there on weekend and holiday dates only.  Obviously, any midweek trip would skew this data somewhat.

It looks like by buying pass this anytime between now and the end of August, you would be ahead of the game until day #9.  If you wait until September, you have until day #14 before this does not make financial sense.

Are You Ready to Buy, or Do You Need More Information?

If so, then please check out the specific resort’s link below.

· Appalachian Ski Mountain: https://appskimtn.com/memberships

· Beech Mountain Resort: https://www.beechmountainresort.com/tickets-passes/season-passes/

· Cataloochee Ski Area: https://cataloochee.com/tickets-passes/season-passes/

· Sugar Mountain Resort: http://www.skisugar.com/passes/

· Wolf Ridge Ski Resort: https://skiwolfridgenc.com/?page_id=1435

· Ober Gatlinburg: https://obergatlinburg.com/season-passes/

· Canaan Valley Resort: https://www.canaanresort.com/ski-winter-activities/skiing-snowboarding/season-passes/

· Snowshoe Mountain: https://www.snowshoemtn.com/plan-your-trip/tickets-and-passes/winter-season-passes

· Timberline Mountain: https://timberlinemountain.com/season-passes

· Winterplace Ski Resort: https://www.winterplace.com/season-passes

· Massanutten Resort: https://book.massresort.com/Ecomm/Shop/Merchandise/6548646/en-us/?productsupercategoryid=17

· Wintergreen Resort: https://www.wintergreenresort.com/season-passes/

· Wisp Resort: https://www.wispresort.com/Season-Passes/

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