We’ve Got Snow!

First Trax

I can tell it’s snow season without even looking outside! All I need to do is look at our traffic on resortcams.com – before the first flurry even touches the ground, the number of visitors sky rocket. Yesterday alone there were 34,937 people watching.

Frankenstorm is surely the prime focus. Who wouldn’t want to catch a glimpse of the "storm of the century," from a distance that is (in the comfort of your own home where you’re safe and sound)? It’s unfortunate that our first snowfall of the year, something we’ve all been looking forward to, has come from such a monster.

At any rate, Sandy has given a boost to the area ski resorts, a couple of which will be opening this week! More on that in a minute, bear with me… Thanks to a handful of reliable sources, we’ve heard that as of early this morning, Beech had two inches of snow, Sugar had one and a half, Cataloochee and Wolf both had half an inch, and Snowshoe with just enough to cover the ground. Mind you, all of that can change in a matter of time, and I’m sure it will over the next few days.

Now back to the openings! Sugar and Cataloochee are both set to open Wednesday morning! Before you layer up and grab your skis or board, be sure to check the conditions frequently. While the slopes are just the place you want to be when the ground is white, a mountain with an elevation of over 5,000 feet is NOT the place you want to be when wind gusts are around 80 mph. Bottom line, be smart.

On a positive note, it’s ski season, guys! May your first run be well worth the wait!

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