West Virginia Ski Resorts Report for November 28, 2009

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 You know what I don’t understand? Greek, not a word. (That’s an old standby joke by Howie Mandel and I couldn’t resist the temptation to use it because ANOTHER thing that I don’t understand is how the Southeastern Ski Areas Association spent a ton of money during the offseason to create a new website and work with a new or supposedly improved snow reporting system and they are not reporting snow! The first day of the season the report was all over the place inaccurate and again TODAY they are reporting NO SNOW for ANY of the West Virginia Ski Areas and they are just way off!

My buddy with Canaan Weather who does the official reporting for the area there reported 3.1 inches of snow on Friday AM and another 3.3" of snow as of 9am for a snow total of 6.4" of snow and we’d bet there’s more to report when he updates that snow report this morning. We’ll get that for you ASAP (around 9am Saturday). Canaan and Timberline Resorts have seen 10" of snow already on the season. Canaan Valley anticipates opening on December 11th. Timberline looks to open ASAP.

Snowshoe Mountain had not updated their snow report as of 8:50am this morning (Laura is fighting the flu bug and we wish her well.) As of 2pm on Friday they were reporting 5" of snow and 9" on the season and that is certain to go up! They made a ton of snow as well and reported 27° at 2pm on Friday. They look good for their December 4th planned opening.

Winterplace Resort – 28° – There are no reports of snowmaking but we HAVE to believe that they are. They have a crazy strong snowmaking system and will use it at every opportunity!

So there’s been NO Natural Snow and NO Snowmaking in West Virginia? Ummmm, wrong! There’s been lots of snow and lots of snowgun activity! Hopefully the SSAA snow reporting people with get just a little more accurate with their reporting than they’ve been in the past. So far they are 0 for 2 on the season.

Check out the rest of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic ski report via the front page of SkiSoutheast.com

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