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Another work week is almost over. I cannot believe that today is January 20th. Time is absolutely flying by. I was thinking about that last night and I realized that the ski season is basically half over. Generally, most of the resorts close down near the end of March, so that leaves us with a good eight to nine weeks of skiing and snowboarding here in the Southeast. Here’s to a much better second half!

Things are looking pretty good once again this morning. Temperatures are slightly warmer than yesterday at this time. The ski areas in the extreme northern portion of the region (Canaan, Timberline, and Wisp) will all be having mini powder days. The cold front that moved through yesterday dumped 5-6 inches of new snow overnight up there. The cams are showing some pretty awesome conditions up there this morning.

<<< Wisp is reporting six inches of new snow this morning.  It looks really cold and really snowy up there right now on the webcam!

Canaan also saw a decent amount of natural snow overnight, with 5.1 inches falling.  It should be a mini pow day up there!

It’s easy to overlook the fact that even with the weather being like it has been this year, Canaan and Timberline have still seen 73.3 inches of snow this season. Snowshoe isn’t far behind at 69 inches. West Virginia has definitely gotten lucky this year as it seems like the border for much colder and snowier weather is somewhere right in the middle of that state.

Everyone else is still in good shape even if they didn’t see any natural snow. As I already mentioned, temps are slightly warmer than yesterday therefore not everyone made snow overnight. Beech, Sugar, Massanutten, Wintergreen, Snowshoe, Canaan, Timberline, Winterplace, and Wisp were all able to lay down some manmade goodness overnight.

<<< Sugar is looking really good this morning and they were able to make snow overnight.  Whoopdeedoo is now open!

This last week has definitely been very beneficial for the ski areas, and it’s a good thing it came when it did because the next several days don’t look that great in terms of the weather, especially here in North Carolina. Ray Russell of Ray’s Weather alluded to the fact this morning that we might not even see any sunshine again until Tuesday. Ugh. I won’t classify the weekend as a washout, but it will definitely be wet out there so be prepared for it if you head to the ski areas. Just when things get going good, of course this would happen!

The forecast is similar for the resorts up into Virginia and West Virginia. It will be a little cooler up that way, but it will be wet as well. Remember, you can head on over to High Country Weather to check out current conditions and the forecast for the weekend.

I hate to keep this short today, but I have to get ready to head out to Valle Crucis where I will be installing a brand new webcam today. We’re putting it up at 1861 Farmhouse and it will be showing off some really cool views. It’s not a ski area cam, but it will still be awesome to look at! Look for that later on High Country Web Cams.

Just a reminder that the Vacation Giveaway contest is still going on, so make sure to submit your entry by Wednesday!

Here’s a look around the region…


App – They remain 100% open today! The LIVE cam is showing some great snow conditions out there this morning. Their Shred for the Cup Big Air Competition is Sunday. That event is always pretty cool. Read more about it HERE.

Beech – They are open on 13 of 15 trails today. Powderbowl is open once again today and has a few jumps and some other terrain park features set up as well. I was out there last night and can tell you that things look great out there! The 2nd Annual Tele-Fest takes place this weekend out there. Read more about it HERE.

Cataloochee – Cat remains the only ski area in NC that is 100% open. They really have been doing an awesome job this year!

Sugar – Sugar looks really good right now and is open on 17 trails. The double black diamond slope Whoopdeedoo opened yesterday. Skating and tubing are also open.

Wolf Ridge – They are open today and tonight on 12 trails. Powder Hill and Whistling Dixie are opening later today as well. Both tubing areas are open.


Ober Gatlinburg – Open today and tonight on 6 trails with a 12-24” inch base. Tubing is open as well.


Massanutten – Massanutten is open on 10 trails today and tonight with a 30-40” base. They were able to make snow overnight. Tubing is also open.

Bryce Resort – Open today and tonight on all 8 trails. They’re the only resort in Virginia that is 100% open! Tubing is also open.

Wintergreen – Open for day and night sessions on 14 trails. They did make snow overnight.


Winterplace – They are riding today and tonight on 23 trails. They continue to do a fantastic job up there this season! The webcam looks awesome this morning. Tubing is re-opening today after being closed the past two days. They layed down a ton of new snow and re-shaped it.

<<< The Winterplace cam looks FANTASTIC this morning!  Conditions are great up there right now and today should offer some superb skiing and riding.

Snowshoe – Open today and tonight on 51 trails, by far the most in the region. They have 189 acres of terrain open for skiing and riding! I cannot wait for the Ski Southeast Summit!

Canaan Valley – Open on 12 trails today. They’ve seen give inches of snow overnight and today should be awesome up there. They’re offering an Internet Special for this weekend. For just $69 per person/per night you get lodging, a breakfast buffet, and a lift ticket. That is a really good deal! For reservations, call 800-622-4121.

Timberline – Open on 26 trails today. Like Canaan, they saw five inches of snow overnight and things are great up there as well. Check out the LIVE cam to view current conditions.


Wisp – They are open today and tonight on 25 trails with all 10 lifts spinning. The six inches of new snow should make for a great day up there! Tubing and ice skating are open as well.

Mike will be doing the reports over the weekend, so I will talk to you guys on Monday.

Email me your comments, thoughts, photos, vids or anything else you like at [email protected]


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