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On The 1st Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to me…

Story by Mike Doble – [email protected]


Welcome to December! Welcome to the FIRST day of Christmas! 

Before I get to the business of today, which begins with giving away free skiing, I want to mention something up front.  You guys who have followed me for up to sixteen years more or less now – know that I tend to write these BLOGS in a tone that is basically me just talking. I've always imagined you're sitting here at my kitchen table with me and I'm just rambling away about what's happening at the slopes…and what's happening in my world.

So I wanna just talk with you for a minute. Go grab your coffee mug, take a sip and hang with me for a few minutes.

A few of you have emailed me lately to let me know that our newest daily blogger, Tonette Fisk, is a bit "green". Of course she is. She's new at this. Knowing her, even on her days off she's reading this. So T, just relax. You're doing fine. These guys are used to me and change is never accepted well…at first.

Many of you said the same about Kenny Griffin last season. However a lot of you grew to tell me later that you enjoyed TheKenDog's stories.

The only reason I feel the need to comment on the subject is that instead of simply getting my "older" take on things – you guys get three or more.

I'm not going anywhere and in fact I've posted a number of stories/BLOGS already this early in the season. A few of you have already informed me that I don't have to "sign" my stories because "you'd know me anywhere". I hope that's a backhanded compliment.

However I REALLY, REALLY like Tonette and Kenny. They are sharing writing thus far this season with Tonette handling the bulk of the daily or morning updates. Kenny kicks in a couple each week and I have usually added one of two updates during the week and I'm your "weekend and Holiday" guy. Tonette is really good people and although she doesn't quite have the Joneses for snow the way that I and many of you do, she reminds me a lot of Laura Parquette, formerly of Snowshoe and now at Keystone, in that she DOES have a passion for people and life. Tonette is a hard worker and she has a gift of talking with people and I think you'll grow to enjoy her "talks with you guys and gals" via this BLOG. She'll get more comfortable and grow to understand what you guys want out of our little morning gatherings.

I'll always remember the first times I met up with Laura Parquette. She was talking with me often that first season and when we finally met up on the snow several years back – she could barely stand on a snowboard. Over time she came to be pretty good on the snow but I always kind of got the feeling that she could take it or leave it when it came to riding the snow.

That MAY be Tonette right now. However, what I've asked her to do this season is to be a conduit between the GMs, Communication staffers at our ski resorts, and weather peeps and to communicate their messages to you guys. It's early in the season and I think you'll come to appreciate her insight.

We'll also be adding YOU guys and gals into the mix. Several of you emailed me months ago when I was recruiting writing help – that you'd love to be involved. We'll be asking for guest writing and hope that those of you who have some writing and snow-loving skills will contribute. We've also already posted some Trip Reports right here on the front page of the site and we'll be doing that this season as well. MANY of you will be a bit green as well.

We'll embrace you guys and gals…so do me a favor and embrace Kenny and T as well.


For the next twenty five days, we are going to give away a LOT of stuff, most of it in the form of "FUN".  I always say that there are very few things more fun than skiing. Perhaps one of those things is FREE SKIING. Few things are better than a ski or snowboarding getaway. Perhaps one of those things is a FREE Ski or Snowboarding Getaway!

That IS exactly what we are going to be doing for the next 25 days. We are going to be sharing the gift of skiing and snowboarding; and we're going to be giving away some nice vacation getaways as well.

Beginning today and for each of the next 24 days hereafter we will be announcing just WHAT we feel like giving away on each day. So you'll need to check right back here each and every day from now through December 25th to see what we're giving away and how to enter.

The only real "requirement" is that you SUBSCRIBE to our skiMail list. We promise that we will only email you on occasions wherein we have something cool to share in terms of big snows, discounts on skiing and equipment, or when we are giving away MORE free stuff. We will NEVER share your email address with any 3rd party.

To SUBSCRIBE, all you have to do is visit the front page of our website, scroll to the bottom and type in your email address. If you have subscribed in the last couple of weeks, you don't have to do it again.  Winners of each of our contests will be randomly picked from our SkiMail list, Twitter followers and Messageboard member list.

We'll start small and randomly throw in some vacations that include FREE rentals, FREE lift tickets and FREE equipment rentals worth nearly $800 each. We have freebies to give away most all season long so be sure to pass the word.


We'll give away FOUR LIFT PASSES TO SKI FREE TO BEECH MOUNTAIN RESORT in beautiful Beech Mountain, NC. They can be used ANY DAY this ski season.

To enter and have a chance to WIN today's contest, simply follow these TWO STEPS:

Step One:
Subscribe to our new SkiMail Mailing List. The subscription form is at the bottom of SkiSoutheast.com

Step Two:
Send me an email at [email protected] and BE SURE to include:

Your Name:
Phone Number:
(We have to have a phone number to CALL the winners so that we can know where to send the tickets!)

We will CALL the winners on Monday, December 3rd and if you are the winner we will announce it on our website AND MAIL you the lift passes so you can use them ANYTIME this season!

We will pick the winner from those who email me TODAY!

That's it. So SUBSCRIBE and email us!

Good Luck.

On the 2nd Day of Christmas, my True Love Gave to me…

Check back Sunday and see!


<Photo of Jasen Vioral (Mellow Yellow on the messageboard) at Beech Mountain Resort on Friday. Photo taken by SkiPink (Frances Miller)

Late on Friday afternoon I had a surprise visit from Frances Miller and Brett Feller (AKA SkiPink and BFeller) from the messageboard. Frances stops in occasionally and it is always great to see her. Brett is a cool guy who takes his fun and skiing seriously. Both are regulars at skiing the resorts of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic. Both are regulars on the messageboard as well as attending nearly every ski summit we've ever had.

They were prompting me to hit the slopes which I guess I should be ashamed to admit that I have yet to do this season. What might come off like a lack of passion for one of my favorite things to do, should not be mistaken as such. I've been dealt a strange hand of cards of late that have caught me a little short-handed at work, and between that and college football dominating my weekends, there's been limited time to hit the snow. I commit to cure those obstacles soon and hope to see you guys and gals on the slopes. I'm thinking I'll be on the snow by mid next week!


The slopes will be in great shape early today. Be sure to check out the snow report by clicking here —-> https://www.skisoutheast.com/skireports.php

If you don't pack ANYTHING ELSE to hit the slopes today, pack sunscreen. Novices always think I'm joking when I recommend that, but the sun will be reflecting on all that white snow and it can cause a very painful sunburn.

Get out early and often as possible today because things will soften up a bit with the milder temps. Check out the SkiCams and all the cams at www.ResortCams.com

If you want to go straight to the ski cams only, click —> http://www.resortcams.com/ski-resorts.php

Enjoy your day. I'm headed down to Sparkle City, SC (Spartanburg) for the Wofford vs New Hampshire football game. My nephew plays oline for them and like I said, college football has been dominating my weekends.

Again…that will change as for the rest of this year and deep into early Spring of 2013 yours truly will be found often on the slopes!

Be sure to enter the 25 Days of Christmas Giveaway. Be sure to follow us at www.Twitter.com/skisoutheast and be sure to tell your friends that for the best of all things skiing and snowboarding…it's


Thanks for stopping by today peeps!

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Jasen Vioral Rides the Lonboard at Beech on Friday! Click for enlarged image by Frances Miller
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