We’ll Just Keep On Educating You; There’s Plenty of Snow to Ride!

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We’ve got to keep up our efforts to educate you guys. Sonny Gower works up at Snowshoe Mountain within their reservations system in one form or another and he was on the messageboard on Thursday posting about the upcoming SkiSoutheast.com / Snowshoe Summit which begins Friday night with a FREE Apres Ski Party hosted by Snowshoe Mountain in our honor! (By the way, we have 144 fellow snow lovers meeting up and enjoying the weekend of skiing, riding and partying at the region’s largest ski area. There’s STILL time to join the fun and get $100 OFF LODGING, join in a FREE Ski Party with freebie eats and drink specials, GET A FREE SUNDAY LIFT PASS AND make some turns all weekend together!) If you want to make it a last minute deal…get over to the Summit Page and make your reservations and join us!  or  You can also join up and post on the messageboard 

Gosh, I can keep myself from falling into a "marketing mode" sometimes! Back to the point – Sonny made a comment on the messageboard saying, "Mike, are you sure we can still ski even though it’s going to be 60 degrees? What will the temps do to the base? Will all the snow melt away?"

Sonny is an insider and had his "sarcasm meter" ON, but that’s hard to tell sometimes via email or message posting.

Within two minutes I received three emails asking me whether or not we’d have snow to ski or ride on at two different ski areas – one of which was Snowshoe Mountain! THANKS A LOT POWDERMONKEY!

Moments later, Sonny (who goes by PowderMonkey on our messageboard) posted another statement saying, "OMG all the snow melted today. What ever are we going to do?"

Within 30 minutes I had two more emails to answer. (Sonny I’m going to start charging Mr. Rock for my time 🙂 )

For the record, I doubt Sonny’s comments had ANYTHING to do with the emails that we received because the truth is THAT WAS THE QUESTION OF THE PAST 24 HOURS! In one form or another I was asked that related question 117 times via skiMail.

As many times as we’ve fielded that question over the years, we still have to provide "continuing education" about this subject.

Here’s a case in point:

BadBowTie03 (from the messageboard) posted: "Hey everyone, Im from florida, and dont know a ton about snow staying on the ground and how cold it has to stay to be able to ski… so i figured this would be a good place to ask. We are heading to NC for spring break, we are leaving this saturday and will be there from that night and all of next week till the next friday. soo that would be march 7-13… We wernt plannin on skiing, just kind of hangin out.. but once we thought about it we decided maybe we could go night skiing in Cataloochee. My question is, are we going to be able to? Is it going to be too warm lets say sunday night or next week? Because the forecast is for it to rain. Will it be cold enough on top of the mountain for it to snow? Sorry for my ignorance… just curious. thanks!"

Of course, we and others addressed his question.

Another lady emailed, "I have come to know that I can trust you guys to be more honest that the ski slopes about the conditions. With the warm weather ahead, will there be any snow left to ski next week? Thanks for answering."

What IS a guy to do? Jeesh!

People, people, people. I will TRY MY BEST to answer all of your questions in the fewest, NICEST means possible.

The answer: YES

Yes, there will be plenty of snow to ski on.

Yes, the slopes will be covered with snow.

Yes, you will have a great time.

…and even though nobody asked me – "Yes, you’ll see a lot more skin this weekend than normal from peeps not wearing a much clothing out on the slopes!"

Another way to answer the questions of "Will there be snow on the slopes" is to say that RIGHT NOW, EVEN IF none of the ski resorts were able to make one more ounce of snow on the slopes, there is enough base depth on the mountains of the Southeast and Mid Atlantic for the ski resorts to stay open into mid to late April!

For the love of Mike (I’ve ALWAYS been tempted to say that) Appalachian Ski Mountain has a base deep enough to BURY all of the Global Warming and "Climate Change" proponents in the WORLD under its base of 81-110" of snow and you’d never have to ski or ride across any of the bodies. (That was kind of "over the line" wasn’t it? Well, it’s 4:30am and I’m up writing – what do you expect?

The point is, there’s TONS of snow on the slopes and while this mild stretch will no doubt reveal some thin areas on trails that don’t have the best coverage – ski and riding conditions will remain VERY GOOD, with plenty of snow coverage at ALL of the ski areas.


Another question that I was hit with numerous times over the last few days is related to, "Will XYZ Ski Resort be open past March 10th since it’s so warm now?"

A church group counselor asked me that about Appalachian Ski Mountain yesterday. Several others pondered the mild weather now that we’re into March and perceived that perhaps ski areas would decide to close early since "winter was over".

Good GRIEF!!!!

Winter is NOT over. Most of the weather gurus out there are ALREADY sending me information about the next COLD air coming in and ALL say – "Beware the Ides of March" and they weren’t quoting the soothsayer’s warning to Julius Caesar! There’s PLENTY more COLD air headed our way and some of the deepest and heaviest snowfalls typically come in March.

Additionally SEVERAL ski areas have already informed us that they WILL BE MAKING SNOW AGAIN at the next cold spell. The bottom line is, there’s plenty of ski season left and plenty of great ski terrain to hit.

ALL of the ski areas are in EXCELLENT SHAPE for this weekend and MOST are at or near 100% open for this weekend. Go enjoy some very nice, easy-to-carve snow for this weekend and stop your worrying. Summer will be here soon enough…but for NOW, it is STILL WINTER so go hit the slopes!

Your’s truly and 143 friends will be hitting Snowshoe today and this weekend. Come join us!

Send your comments, emails, videos, photos and/or trip reports to: [email protected]

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