Wednesday Will Provide Soft but Ample Snow at the Ski Resorts of the Southeast

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Temperatures this morning are several degrees milder than the last few mornings. Most of the ski areas are showing lows this morning in the upper 30s. Snowshoe Mountain is the cold spot with 36º. Those temps are creating soft, “Spring Conditions” at all four of our open ski resorts this morning. However, these are not the kind of Spring Conditions that you might be thinking about if you are a flatlander living off the mountain. There is ample snow and great side-to-side coverage at all four open resorts.

I’ll share JUST how much snow and how nice the snow IS, by turning things over to YOU GUYS today. Today is YOUR DAY. I’ve culled out a few photos and remarks from you, our readers and hope you enjoy them. This is the “wind-down” part of the season where we’d usually expect to see much less visitor traffic, however you guys are still bringing the visits. Sunday’s post drew more than 40,000 visitors (reach) and even yesterday saw a ton. If you’re one of the never-say-die skiers or snowboarders who are still making turns, send us your comments, photos and videos and we will turn the next day over to you.

Here are some of the better shares:

The photo of the day (up top) and here is courtesy of Snowshoe Mountain from THIS WEEK. There is still a LOT of snow there and lots of people praising the amazing conditions on Monday and Tuesday.

Snowshoe Mountain is really in near, mid-season form. Click to Enlarge
Atticus Simpson is covered in Sugar(y) snowmaking from this weekend. Click to Enlarge

Atticus Simpson shared a Sugar Mountain experience:

Hey, Mike. I’m late in this but we went skiing Sat night at Sugar and it was absolutely a blast with great great conditions! Probably one of the better days/nights of the year and with the time change, skiing in the daylight to sunset hours went on and on and on. Even thought the snowblowers were a little harsh on the visibility (see attached) it was totally manageable and major props go to the snow makers who created phenomenal conditions. I mean really,…I was skiing fresh tracks on light snow/pow that kept rejuvenating all night. I’m sure yesterday, day and tomorrow are fabulous so I hope folks are getting out there,…because it’s there to be gotten!

Just fyi. Cheers to you and Matt and SkiSouthEast!

Atticus also shared a pic of a buddy who was enjoying the night with him.

It was a snowmaking night at Sugar Mountain on Saturday night. Click to Enlarge

Ian Greene showing his frosted tips.

Editor’s note: I loved the fact that neither of those guys were complaining about the snowguns.

If you want to ski or ride until April 1st, you can’t do it without some snowmaking.

Reader Shares Some “T”

David Britton shared:

“I teach at Wintergreen VA and part of the problem at southeast resorts is people stop coming mid March even if conditions are good. I’m sure that played into Appalachian’s and Beech’s decision to close. Appalachian closing surprised me a little. A few years back I skied App in April when they still had a 3 foot base and temps were in the 80s.”

Tim Worden shared:

“Timberline was super sweet yesterday! I’m sure it is today also!”

Steven Spade was an ill-pill:

Yup. Love my new truck.

He evidently doesn’t like me being proud of my new Chevy Truck. I mentioned it in Sunday’s FirsTrax and his response was, “Who cares about your truck? Are you compensating for something. Irrelevant to the post.”

I don’t THINK so Steven. Just thought I was being “visual”. I loved my first Dodge Truck, my Red Chevy truck which came next. I gave that one to my grandson and bought a sparkling new (at the time), 2015 Ford F-150 truck next, before putting 140k miles on it and deciding to go with the new, 2023 Chevy Silverado.

How’s THAT for being irrelevant, Steven?

Steven Sporer tried to have my back with this post, “He probably has a paid sponsorship or advertisement deal.”

Steven, I WISH! But sadly no. This one is all on my own budget.

Enjoy your day guys and girls. If you’re blessed to be playing at Sugar, Wisp, Snowshoe or Timberline today…send us some comments and photos to [email protected]


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