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We got a lot of emails over the last couple of days all bemoaning the fact that conditions were bad…but most were just wanting to KNOW how bad they were. Most alluded to the fact that they were coming one way or the other but they just wanted to see the slopes via the live cams and such. We caught some heat about the fact that the Extreme Sugar Camera, across from Sugar wasn’t working…and Hawksnest’s was still showing skiers on it from late the week before. Sorry guys and gals…but we have to tell it like it is…and THIS TIME it’s not that we were trying to "hide the conditions" as some of you might have thought. The Hawksnest camera now reflects a "coming soon" image…but they have had a network issue up there and we spoke with Lenny Cottom of Hawksnest yesterday and they will try to get it fixed asap.

The Extreme Sugar Camera was running perfectly…just Skyline Telephone’s DSL service was not. The harsh storms of Thursday night (which included lightning) must have caused some problems and we just simply could not access the camera to get it zoomed into the slopes. IT IS RUNNING NOW!!! Coincidentally that camera has caused us some problems at the most inopportune times. However it is running fine this morning. It DOES seem like these things seem to get running better when the conditions are pristine…but it’s just in our heads — I think!

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