WebCams Are Getting Bombed! See Photos of the Day All The Way BACK to 2003!

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I’ve received more than a dozen emails in the last two days (it is crazy how these emails come in cycles) basically saying something like this one from "Tina S" in Nashville, Tennessee, "Hi, great website.  I was wondering since your photos of the day show this season and since this season has been less than great. can you email me any photos of Wintergreen from last season so that me and my husband can see what it normally looks like?"

We can do better than that.  How about being able to see THOUSANDS of featured photos from the last five years from most ALL of the ski resorts in the Southeast and Mid Atlantic?  Read below to see the links.

But first…

<Zoomed view to the top of Sugar Mountain at 3pm

It’s 4:34pm and we’ve been seeing a bit of light snow here in the North Carolina mountains and reports of additional snow all the way up to Snowshoe and Timberline Resort in West Virginia.  Laura Parquette sent me some sweet video and some nice photos of 3-4" of snow up there and I’ll share that with you guys pronto.  Breona Hall of Timberline sent some SWEET photos from there this morning and I intend to share one as a photo of the day here in a moment.  If you’re on SkiNC, be SURE to hop over to the front of to get a look at some "tandem grooming" that took place there today.  It may the guys here in my office want to hop in our 4 wheel drives and head up!  D-a-n-g!

Back view of Sugar at 3pm per webcam>

We also started seeing huge delays in the page views and that made all of us hop on to see what all of the fuss was about and of course THAT mean’t even slower camera updates.  However, we saw some amazing shots of Sugar Mountain, Beech and Hawksnest this afternoon.  At one point we zoomed the Sugar camera into the top of the mountain to watch some sweet conditions and skiing going on up there.

We seem to be well on our way to 50,000+ unique visitors on the pages and as many as 90,000+ visits to the webcam page on this website.  Click here> Southeast Ski Resort Web Cams to see those we have featured.

We’ve been seeing some dark, snow clouds moving over the camera shots and light snowfall here at our offices…and we have received numerous really nice photos from around the region that we will share with you guys as well. Always remember that you can see photos from many of the ski areas all season long AND we archive all that have been sent to us over the years so at anytime you can click on your favorite resort on the front of or and then click on the "Photos of the Day" icon within the middle column on that page and see the latest images or images from past seasons.  If you have never visited a specific resort and want to see a bit of what to expect from a visit there – this is a great feature.

You can also CLICK HERE to see photos from all that we have received thus far this season from all of the resorts.  You can also see PAST season images from all of the resorts at:

2006-2007 Ski Resort Photos of the Day

2005-2006 Ski Resort Photos of the Day

2004-2005 Ski Resort Photos of the Day

…and you can even see images from 2003-2004!  Click Here for those!

Crazy stuff huh!

Anyway…needless to say, traffic is killer today, conditions are killer today, the weather is k-i-l- (oh you know) it’s SWEET!

Get your rear OFF of this website and pack your gear and get UP HERE to your favorite resort and make some turns in the best conditions of the season to date!  If you CAN’T be here, then we’re your next best thing.

Send your comments, emails, photos and videos to:  [email protected]

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